Terrifying dance

It’s a slippery slope when you start deciding who has a right to die.

OPINION: Narelle Henson opposes assisted suicide being introduced in New Zealand.

Pizza with a side of guilt

The sight of beggars on the street is becoming a backdrop to the decay of Hamilton's CBD.

OPINION: What should have been just another Friday night of warm pizza became a night of reflection.

Full life, well lived

‘Golf Nana’ Myrle Robertson was 102 when she died at the Raglan Rest home this month.

OBITUARY: Una ‘Myrle’ Robertson, December 19, 1914 – September 28, 2016

'Community care' costly experiment

Flowers at a memorial service for Clare Bremner at the home where she and her husband Keith were attacked by their son Ross.

OPINION: Why was a man as disturbed as Ross Bremner not in care?

Gang shows heart

Tribal Huk members swarmed Ngaruawahia ahead of the P dealer purge.

OPINION: The Tribal Huk gang is changing people's minds about what a gang is and what it can be.

Hamilton history demolished

Frankton - from farm to suburbia.

OPINION: Frankton - and, indeed, much of Hamilton - has lost most of its physical history to "progress".

By the people, for the people

It's naked ambition against unsurpassed arrogance.

OPINION: Americans are pitting naked ambition against unsurpassed arrogance. Let's hope New Zealanders remain immune.

Immigrant bashing wins votes

The University of Waikato is, arguably, the only institution with a politically correct name.

OPINION: To demand historical figures measure up to modern-day standards is ludicrous.

Electoral system is broken

Mark Bunting has some work to do to match Margaret Evans's performance.

OPINION: It's clear from the local body election results that the system is moribund.

Who should we blame?

Three people died in a tiny King Country settlement, and another in Otorohanga - just who should we blame?

OPINION: How liable are drug traffickers in some of the country's more horrific crimes?

Digital flashing is harassment

Audrey Malone has had enough of men who send her digital pictures of their genitalia.

OPINION: Sending a picture of your intimate body parts to someone you fancy is the new way to flirt. That doesn't make it right,

Modern saints and scoundrels

Mahatma Gandhi: revered for loving others.

OPINION: In the age of the selfie, Narelle Henson bucks the trend.

Vintage Read: The Day of the Triffids

The old Penguin edition pictures triffids as a somewhat hairy pineapple with legs.

VINTAGE READ: Rachel Pope of Browsers Bookshop finds another oldie but goodie you should add to your reading list.

Water meters make you think about water

Kapiti Coast Water Meter

OPINION: Believe it or not, water meters are your friends.

Rules to protect water investment

Vaughan Payne is chief executive of Waikato Regional Council.

Water plan aims to protect private and public investment in Waikato rivers.

Silent angel dies peacefully

Nikky van Rooyen died in her sleep on August 29.

Nikky van Rooyen's short life came peacefully to an end.

Trump a demagogue

The Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump debate was revealing on all counts.

OPINION: Donald Trump appeals to the inner anarchist in all of us. That alone makes him scary.

Prayer and politics

Mayoral candidates speak to a gathering at the Waikato Cathedral Church of St Peter in Hamilton.

OPINION: Peter Dornauf finds the recent mix of religion and politics in the Hamilton City Council mayoral race a bit odd.

Personalities can mar elections

Accusations of cheating in the exit poll marred a recent Hamilton mayoral debate.

OPINION: Keep personalities and political parties out of local body elections. Ratepayers care about policy, not backbiting.

Chesterman's finest hour

Deputy Mayor Gordon Chesterman proved himself a man of integrity when he called for the Hamilton City Council to make an ...

OPINION: Hamilton City Council has finally stepped up to do the right thing for the Kudeweh family but it took a hero to make the call, Max Christoffersen writes.

'Tennent babies' legacy

Dr Margaret "Margot" Tennent

OBITUARY: Dr Margaret Shirley Tennent, November 4, 1924 – September 2, 2016

Just make your mark

Young voters don't like the complex process of voting, including the postal ballot.

OPINION: Squiggling on paper is one of the most important things a human being can do, writes Narelle Henson.

Stop 'dearing' me

It all started with a lukewarm pot of tea in a cafe.

OPINION: Denise Irvine resurrects her anti-dear campaign, jolted into action by a condescending comment in a cafe.

Women's mags to suffer

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in happier times.

OPINION: If you want to compare celebrity marriages, and breakups, at least compare like with like, writes Richard Swainson.

Vegetable production squeezed

A shortage of suitable growing land will  affect  access to fresh, New Zealand-grown  vegetables.

OPINION: Healthy Rivers Plan threatens production of fresh vegetables with a shortage of suitable growing land, Horticulture New Zealand's Mike Chapman writes.

CBD living way to go

Another 5000-10,000 people living within a 15-minute walk of Hamilton’s  CDB will transform the city. Where people go, ...

OPINION: It makes economic sense to encourage people to consider Hamilton's CBD as a place to live, rather than heading out to the suburbs, writes Professor Iain White.

Beware witch doctors

When people become frightened they are particularly vulnerable to exploitation by all manner of self-proclaimed miracle ...

OPINION: It's surprising how easily many of us fall for the messages shared by self-proclaimed astrologers and soothsayers, Tom O'Connor writes.

Million-dollar painting

Colin McCahon in his studio in 1982.

OPINION: Colin McCahon was booed and hissed at when he first started exhibiting in the late 1940s, Peter Dornauf writes. Now one of his paintings has sold for $1 million.

'The ultimate gentleman'

There was standing room only at Bill Costelloe’s funeral in St Peter’s Catholic Church, Cambridge.

OBITUARY: William Joseph Costellow OStJ, March 7, 1929 – September 1, 2016

Quantity or quality?

The battle for seats on the Hamilton City Council is heating up.

OPINION: Engagement with the issues and effectiveness in decision making are better measures than 100% attendance at council meeting, Richard Swainson writes.

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