Canada geese cull needed

Canada geese are a pest species in much of New Zealand that have become impossible to manage now that they're off the ...

OPINION: Canada geese were able to be controlled until the government dropped them from the gamebird list.

Site visits check farm compliance

Waikato regional councillor for Waihou, Hugh Vercoe.

OPINION: Spying helicopters in the sky put extra pressure on farmers working below on the land, writes Hugh Vercoe.

Macpherson on rates debate

Dave Macpherson is a West Ward councillor.

OPINION: Hamilton City Councillor Dave Macpherson enters the rates debate with an alternative view.

Ambush at City Hall

Hamilton Mayor Andrew King.

OPINION: Hamilton city councillors are now locked in a he-said-she-said spiral down to battling fiefdoms, all of it ending in ugly partisan politics, based on who knew what, and when, writes Max Christoffersen.

Briggs a man of many surprises

Hamilton City Council chief executive Richard Briggs.

OPINION: It is a far from ideal state of affairs, administering in perpetual crisis mode, keeping those who are elected to make such decisions in the dark until the last minute, writes Richard Swainson.

Soprano hit right note

Pamela Reynolds was renown for her voice and had a great sense of humour.

OBITUARY: Blindness was no barrier for soprano Pamela Reynolds, writes Charles Riddle.

Immigration hot issue

Geert Wilders’ right-wing anti-immigration Party for Freedom became the Netherlands’ second largest party after last ...

OPINION: After two years of record immigration figures most months, New Zealanders are growing wary, writes Narelle Henson.

Libraries in the digital era

Dr Ursula Edgington recently visited a number of libraries in the South Island to see how well they were connected to ...

Opinion: Has there been enough investment to bring out libraries into the digital era?

Tourism trap

New Zealand's pristine scenery is in danger of being overwhelmed by ever increasing numbers of tourists.

OPINION: Too many small communities have fallen in the trap of assuming tourism will be good for them, writes Tom O'Connor.

Not good enough

OPINION: Hamilton is apparently facing a fiscal crisis, despite all evidence to the contrary in the lead up to last week's annual plan meeting. It's just not good enough, writes Richard Swainson.

Pascoe enters rates debate

Hamilton City Councilor Rob Pascoe has more than 40 years' experience as a chartered accountant.

OPINION: Hamilton City Councillor Rob Pascoe, former chairman of council's finance committee and serving deputy chairman, has some facts and figures to toss into the rates debate that has occupied councillors for the past two weeks.

Time for an overhaul

An anti-abortion protester makes her views known.

OPINION: We need to stop pretending death is a moderate solution, Narelle Henson writes.

The TiVo trap

October 31 marks the end of days for TiVo users in New Zealand.

OPINION: Max Christoffersen is stone cold in love with his shiny silver and black box, but on October 31, against his will, it's all over.

Golden rule to live by

Auriel Jones was the first woman to be recognised by the National Fieldays Society, receiving a lifetime membership in 1997.

OBITUARY: Auriel Jones was a strong, capable and caring woman who always put other people first, writes Charles Riddle.

Run, eat, sleep and repeat

Camille Buscomb.

Opinion: Mastering training, recovery and mental wellbeing is key to surviving as elite athlete.

Call for unity

Steven Joyce and Prime Minister Bill English announce plans to lift the retirement age to 67.

OPINION: Tom O'Connor is frustrated at the deliberate misinformation on national super which is causing a divide between Baby Boomers and Millennials.

The people speak

Euphrasie House on Clyde Street in Hamilton East.

OPINION: An online petition to save Euphrasie House has given people an avenue to express their feelings about the old convent's fate, writes Peter Dornauf.

What gender pay gap?

Women have babies. Recovering from birth and caring for an infant takes time, time which would otherwise be spent ...

OPINION: There's nothing sexist about the pay gap, it's all about choices, writes Narelle Henson.

Another vanity project

The artist’s impression of the new riverside development looks too much like a Watchtower magazine cover to be taken ...

OPINION: There are sound reasons why we should leave the river the hell alone, writes Max Christoffersen.

Nightlife in the city

News: Tempo's My Waikato column: Wonder Horse bar  in Hamilton ...

OPINION: The youth of today have as much right to enjoy themselves as anyone else, writes Richard Swainson, and more power to them. You only live once.

A life story

Despite its ups and downs, or even because of them, life is a journey worth celebrating.

OPINION: Life stories are celebrations, a balance to the negative news about frauds, thieves, and rogue politicians, writes Charles Riddle.

Constitution a great idea

Sir Geoffrey Palmer advocates a written constitution.

OPINION: The fact some politicians have said a written constitution would be a hindrance suggests it is probably a good idea.

Feminists losing fight

Most blokes are brilliant. They are responsible fathers, good husbands, and hard workers who might occasionally give us ...

OPINION: Most blokes are brilliant, writes Narelle Henson, equally as brilliant as women.

People's advocate remembered

Bobbie Wills was one of life’s true characters and a storyteller to rival Pinocchio.

OBITUARY: Bobbie Wills was one of life’s true characters and a storyteller to rival Pinocchio, writes Charles Riddle.

Parent's constant companion

That worry you feel for your children when they’re young remains even once they’re old enough to have children of their own.

OPINION: No matter their age, you never stop worrying about your kids, writes Denise Irvine.

Lesson learned

Peter Dornauf has no truck with fools or mystics and it's time he unleashed his inner Kerouac.

OPINION: You can take the man out of the school but not the teacher out of the man, as Richard Swainson discovers, he had been found wanting.

Not good in the hood

A calmer night in Hamilton’s CBD but the street is still crowded with drunken patrons.

OPINION: There's a street violence problem in Hamilton but no one wants to take ownership and try to fix it, writes Max Christoffersen.

Minding our own business

Official thinking now says that people have the right to choose to use the dunny of the sex they identify with, as ...

Amid the tricky politics of genderless toilets, Rosemary McLeod writes there's nothing wrong with wanting privacy.

A love letter to Palmerston North

Sitting in the centre of Palmerston North is The Square complete with its clock tower, duck pond and multiple sculptures.

OPINION: People scoff at Palmerston North, but here I've found my Kiwi dream.

Cleaner water's what matters

Water quality is a talking point again since the Government unveiled its Clean Up Our Waterways Scheme recently.

OPINION: There is a danger that attempting to restore waterways to some imagined pristine condition of days gone by will suffocate any attempt to make improvements, writes Tom O'Connor.

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