Economic growth for all

OPINION: The Key Government has spent $1-1.4 billion per year on corporate welfare, according to a recent report from the Taxpayers Union.

Erroneous deficit target

OPINION: An economics professor at Oxford University has advised his blog readers that the level of the government's budget deficit is not the most important macroeconomic problem facing countries today.

Resolutions are in the air

OPINION: The first sunrise of the New Year is only a few horizons away.

How do women survive the day?

OPINION: As a guy I find women deliciously mysterious. But it's clear from all the ads that I'm in the growing minority.

An impressive year

OPINION: Let me tell you about the Hamiltonains and Waikato-ites that impressed me the most this year.

Action on landowners

It seems the Government at last is looking for ways of overcoming obstacles on foreign land ownership.

Council's crackdown on 'inconvenient' people

OPINION: This city, they reason, would be such a lovely place without them.

Through the lens of inebriation

OPINION: Drinking to get drunk isn't something I do.

Sending soldiers to fight Isis is right

OPINION: I used to be a passivist, back when I thought being nice could solve the world's problems.

Rising to face the day

OPINION: Making yourself presentable for the outside world can be tedious, repetitive ordeal.

Scrooge is alive in Hamilton

Where is the Christmas cheer? Not here

OPINION: Last year I was happily promoting Christmas - this year, I just can't be bothered.

Capital ratings hit vulnerable

OPINION: Surprise, surprise the Hamilton City Council has voted to introduce capital rating system and hit hard working and retired ratepayers with a huge rates increase.

An unpopular escape

OPINION: Phillip John Smith has been locked up - and prison authorities need to ensure he stays that way.

Letter: GP charges too high

I help out with four elderly people and take them to various appointments.

Waikato has too much rubbish

OPINION: It has come to my attention that the rubbish seen on the streets is more than is expected of the "clean, green" country New Zealand is commonly promoted as.

Retailer to be applauded

OPINION: I can completely understand Mthe choice to remove all R18 games and DVDs from any store in the Warehouse Group.

Wow! What a celebration

Wow! What an incredible "150th Hamilton Birthday Party" was experienced by thousands of us on Saturday.

Letter: Just another party

OPINION: What a disappointing mish-mash of all sorts the 'Big Garden Place Street Party' turned out to be.

Letter: Hamilton's 150th birthday

Hamilton ended its 150th birthday year with a spectacular birthday party in the central city on Saturday.

RMA a blunt tool

OPINION: The prosecution of farmer Bas Nelis for breaches of the Resource Management Act is a classic example of the law being an ass.

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