Colonisation-abuse link considered

Associate Professor Leonie Pihama of the University of Waikato.

Suggestions by Professor Leonie Pihama - that colonisation of New Zealand in the 1800s led to child abuse among Maori today - has to be one of the most provocative statements on the complex and tragic issue so far.

Our excuses are dead

Our excuses are dead like hundreds of our children.

OPINION: Our babies don't need us to scream when they die. They need us to give a damn when they are alive.

Governments can fix things, not people

The Faces of Innocents series by Fairfax journalists is a great reminder that governments can't do everything.

OPINION: Governments can never replace caring communities.

Scott Baio an inside joke at the Republican convention

Actor Scott Baio, known for his role as Chachi on the television series Happy Days, speaks at the Republican National ...

OPINION: Only Donald Trump would put Scott Baio on the stage.

Wouldn't it be nice to help kids see a show?

With a flurry of donated ball dresses, Rosalind Arnott, left, and Chloe Oldfield are in the beginnings of starting their ...

OPINION: Which politician will run on a platform of helping kids who can't afford shows?

Fixing our murder law stuff nation

The 17-year prison sentences for the manslaughter of Moko Rangitoheriri drew a public outcry as some thought the two ...

OPINION: This is why we need "degrees" of murder and corporate manslaughter charges.

No friends in trade matters

Prime Minister John Key says he has heard nothing about potential retribution if we impose sanctions on China for ...

OPINION: To not thoroughly investigate the accusations of dumping poor-quality steel here would be to engage in the politics of appeasement and that will be a tragic first for New Zealand.

Singlet a fraud, but Snell isn't

Peter Snell pictured at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics alongside the singlet that turned out to be not his.

OPINION: Peter Snell's offer to gift his medals more generous than most people understand.

Old boys' clubs and diversity

Even kids can spot the difference between boys and girls.

OPINION: Why can't we have single-sex institutions?

Hillary Barry the pioneer has done her job

Hillary Barry should, perhaps, just let the next generation get on with it.

OPINION: Perhaps Hillary Barry should just disappear, the way Belinda Todd did.

Turning 50 a time to reflect

Richard Swainson in his element at Auteur House.

OPINION: This week, I turn 50. Time is ticking away.  

Drugs prompt police shootings

Police at the scene where an armed man was shot by police in Rotorua.

OPINION: Perhaps it's time to stiffen the penalties for methamphetamine sale and use.

It's age before beauty

How dare those oldies outvote the younguns to keep the flag?

We've been getting it wrong for centuries. The expression, that is. I know it usually reads "age before beauty", but the latest thinking shows that's just not right.

Leave Waihi Beach alone

Bowentown in Waihi Beach.

As you drive in from the Hamilton side, Waihi Beach looks like a jewel.

Millionaires don't dream of millions

Rohan Marx ... related to the Groucho side of the family, rather than the Karl side.

Who wants to be a millionaire? Last week, apparently everybody.  

Backbone becoming spineless?

Country Calendar - maybe not so revealing of what's going down on the farm these days.

OPINION: When our toughest have to resort to drugs to prop them up, something's seriously wrong.

Te reo a treasure

A University of Waikato student has started a business to revitalise the Maori language by selling Te Reo Maori homewares.

OPINION: Why is it so many object to the speaking of Maori?

History gone in a puff of wind

The building collapsed on Victoria Street after a gust of wind.

OPINION: The Railway Buildings' contribution to Hamilton history alone made them worth saving. But they were gone in a puff of wind.

Humanities the soul of the university

University of Otago: debating cuts to its school of humanities.

OPINION: Cuts to the humanities school at Otago are planned. Make no mistake - Waikato's next.

We all want to know where we come from

181114 News Photo: SUPPLIED/Western Leader: Relationship strengthened: Waitakere mother Nicola and her nine-year-old ...

OPINION: If a child born to a surrogate asks who his real mummy and daddy are, just what is the answer?

Cosmos keeps us humble

Physicist Stephen Hawking plans to map the cosmos with the help of a super computer along with the Planck satellite, a ...

OPINION: Stephen Hawking's map of the universe is so audacious that we can only dream what its result might look like.

So long, Matt Bowden, good luck in Thailand

Matt Bowden - now living in Thailand.

OPINION: Thailand may prove a good move for Matt Bowden. Then again, it may not.

What is free will?

The Secret Life of Children, a Channel 4 production. Channel 4 is a British public-service television broadcaster.

OPINION: It's hard to know where nature ends and nurture begins, and whether we have any choices at all.

What was the marae thinking?

Women, clearly, have their place, those at the DHB were thinking, and it wasn't drinking more than a thimble-full of wine.

Last Saturday night, the Te Awhina Marae in Motueka hosted its biannual fund-raiser.  

Rugby, you've dug yourself a hole

The Icelanders celebrate.

OPINION: You know, rugby, things are getting worse, not better.

The People's Project doing sterling work

Rangitahi Larsen, right, and Julie Nelson, who leads the People's Project.

OPINION: There's nothing like a warm place to retreat to in the cold and wet, something most homeless can relate to.

Modesty out of fashion

We clothe ourselves in arrogance and pride, and call it freedom of individualism.

OPINION: Modesty has nothing to do with an individual's rights and everything to do with respect for one's fellows.

Heed Bryan Gould's warnings

24082015 news Liz McDonald / Fairfax NZ
generic real estate , house for sale , for sale sign , real estate , real estate ...

There have been warnings and predictions enough, including from this column, about the perilous state of the housing market.

Airline runs out of lift and stalls

The Kiwi Regional Airlines Saab 340 taxis at Nelson Airport.

OPINION: There's something sad about Ewan Wilson's vision coming to an end.

Beating the black dog

The black dog will bite the hand that feeds it.

OPINION: Beware the black dog. He can get up to his old tricks in a flash.

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