Close funding loopholes

OPINION: David Parker didn't get far when he asked John Key about Longhua Liu and Liu's $25,000 donation to National candidate Jami-Lee Ross.

Online vileness is modern sport

OPINION: I'm wedded to digital technology but there's a dark side of internet life.

No Iraq vote necessary

OPINION: Not all troop commitments have been put to a vote, and there is no legal requirement for Government to obtain Parliament's consent.

Making the headlines

OPINION: Someone made the suggestion that readers of the news frequently draw their conclusions from the headlines alone.

Pension age a tough call

It's fanciful to expect significant numbers of voters will agree they should stay in the workforce for longer to take pressure off state spending.

A toast to those who give

OPINION: In any given society, there are those who take and those who contribute, bequeath and promote.

Hedonism, sex changes and attaining genuine happiness

OPINION: Human beings, I have read, are simply not hedonistic enough. I tend to agree with the sentiment entirely.

Red tape at festival

OPINION: If you've been to any Hamilton Gardens' Arts Festival events this week, you'll be proud.

X-ray all airport bags

OPINION: It is tempting to wonder if our biosecurity system has gone to the dogs.

'Over-the-top demands'

OPINION: Just what rampage did the police think was going to happen at the arts festival?

Key free with our funds

OPINION: Fresh from having their fingers burnt by the SkyCity Casino, the PM is musing how much to sink into a fresh misadventure.

Track records for city's hardest job

OPINION: As I watched Julie Hardaker speak recently at a function, I wondered how her tenure will be seen in years ahead.

Local beer at a local bar? No way!

OPINION: Thank the brewing gods! Hamilton East has narrowly avoided having decent beer served in a pub.

Bad day for Little

OPINION: He's principled, but Labour leader Andrew Little needs to get a hand on his housekeeping.

Selling our souls for pokie profits

OPINION: It's always interesting watching the Government get into bed with the devil.

SkyCity plays better poker

As Minister of Tourism, John Key has been peculiarly fixated on conference centres.

TPP may raise drug prices

OPINION: Could the trade agreement impede affordable medicine and legislation to protect public health?

Gamble our taxes on casino

OPINION: I love throwing taxes away, don't you? I can't think of anything better.

Metal has its roots in a Hamilton

OPINION: I'm always up for a good bogan story. I've been around them most of my life, at least musically.

Blunder will cost NZ

OPINION: Helped by the Kiwi dollar's decline against the greenback, the US becoming a major export market.

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