Cold, mouldy homes a scandal


OPINION: It's 12:37 PM on a Friday. I am working from home, and I am wearing a thermal undershirt, a T-shirt, a Swanndri, a beanie, jeans, thick socks, and wool slippers.

England beat us at our own game

Brendon McCullum of New Zealand hits out during the 3rd ODI Royal London One-Day Series 2015 between England and New Zealand at Ageas Bowl on June 14, 2015 in Southampton, England.

OPINION: Expectations for the New Zealand cricket tour of England were exceedingly high. But they had our number.

Can't afford kids? 'Stop breeding'


OPINION: That a child should die in this country because the house it was living in was too damp and cold and a heater couldn’t afford to be run is a shocking state of affairs.

Some Hamilton councillors have a poor attendance record

OPINION: Some councillors are much better than others at actually attending council meetings.

Making uni students pay to park a bad idea

University of Waikato students are frustrated about the proposal of paid parking being enforced at the end of the year.

OPINION: It started with a simple question at an Auckland-based tertiary institution. Why are tertiary students choosing to enrol at our campus instead of other universities or polytechnics?

Butch Gifford of Morrinsville dies at 76

Neilson John (Butch) Gifford, QSM, 1938-2015

Butch Gifford was awarded a QSM for his services to the game of squash.

Sport Waikato calls for fair cheering

Northern Football Federation's new sideline signs to promote good spectator behaviour are along the same lines as what Sport Waikato is seeking.

Sport Waikato calls better sideline behaviour from parents and spectators at sports events.

Cyclists will always come off second best in a collision

Cars and bikes both travel much faster than in the 1950s, meaning cyclists are at greater risk on the roads.

OPINION: Maybe it's time for cyclists to be licensed, the way car drivers are.

Christopher Lee set the benchmark

British actor Christopher Lee, who played the part of Bond bad guy Scaramanga in the film "The Man with the Golden Gun", poses for pictures with the original gun from the James Bond film at the Science Museum in London in this October 15, 2002,  photo.

OPINION: Christopher Lee could convince as a Chinaman, a Russian or an Indian. We won't see his like again.

Rachel Dolezal and the art of choosing your identity

Rachel Dolezal: "I have a huge issue with black-face. This is not some freak ... mockery blackface performance. This is on a very real, connected level. I've actually had to go there with the experience."

OPINION: A white woman pretending to be a black woman...what's wrong with that?

Sleeping rough must be miserable in winter

The People's Project office in Hamilton's Garden Place has helped get streetie Sam into a home.

OPINION: Streeties have their own brand of gritty humour, their own warmth, laughter, tears, and some huge needs, writes Denise Irvine.

Polygamy - there's a lot of it about

Polygamy: the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time. But, let's face it, it's always one man with a harem, not the other way around.

OPINION: How many women would you care to have, at any one time, to cater for your sexual appetites? You’re allowed four. Now, don’t complain.

When did Fonterra start to go wrong?

Dairy herds used to number in the hundreds - now, thousands of factory-farmed cows are becoming the norm.

OPINION: Did Fonterra get too big, too far away from grassroots dairy farming and too engrossed in joining the big boys of the international corporate world to see the bull crashing through the gate? 

We euthanase beloved cats, don't we?


OPINION: I don't want MPs to vote on voluntary euthanasia according to their conscience, I want them to vote according to mine.

Talented Hamilton singer will be missed

Graham Bates was an amazing singer who sang with many Hamilton choral groups.

What is it with praying?


OPINION: Will my murmuring some urgent petition heavenward really make some sort of measurable difference on the ground?

Old-school chemist a crack shot

Kerry McSweeney 1939-2015

Kerry John McSweeney, 1939-2015 Matamata’s Kerry McSweeney was an old school chemist. He learned to roll customers’ pills and mix ointments and elixirs before those tasks were taken over by multinational pharmaceutical companies. He learned his skills in a four-year apprenticeship.

Council ruins arts group funding


OPINION: What happens when the Hamilton City Council decides to do something about community funding? Community funding gets done over. That’s what’s just happened in Hamilton, where the speed and lack of consultation with which changes have been made to council funding of community organisations has been breathtaking.

Lecretia Seales deserves better than this

John Key’s comments suggested personal sympathy with Lecretia Seales’ efforts to create a legal precedent on her deathbed, but subsequent remarks have emphasised other, opposing views within National’s caucus.

OPINION: The sad if inevitable demise of lawyer Lecretia Seales last week, preceded so ungallantly by a judicial decision denying her the right to determine the circumstances of her own death, has ever so briefly stirred our political masters on the subject of voluntary euthanasia.

Repeat of leaky homes on the cards


OPINION: Conditions are perfect for a repeat of the leaky homes tragedy.

Councillors: the least they can do is show up

OPINION: As ratepayers, we contribute nearly  $1 million a year towards the salaries of our 12 Hamilton city  councillors and, right now, we are being ripped off.

The hypocrisy of the assisted euthanasia debate


OPINION: Let me get something straight. We’re allowed to kill healthy people when at war, but we’re not allowed to assist suffering and terminally ill people to kill themselves, even when they beg us. Have I got that right?

Fieldays a reminder New Zealand is in good hands

Fieldays belongs to the hard-working, family-loving people of New Zealand.

OPINION: One of the best things about the Fieldays is just watching the crowds.

Narelle Henson's column misleading

Katie Fitzpatrick is an associate professor at the  School of Curriculum and Pedagogy Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Auckland and the author of the Education Ministry's recently released sexuality education guidelines.

OPINION: Katie Fitzpatrick, author of the Education Ministry's sexuality education guidelines, responds to a Waikato Times opinion piece.

NZ must house its homeless

Savage Crescent, Palmerston North, in 1947. Savage Crescent was one of the first entire suburbs of State houses in the country. It's time we built the modern-day equivalent.

OPINION: Not since the dark days of the Great Depression has the plight of poverty-stricken people been so serious.

Give up plastic shopping bags

Greenpeace in January staged a protest against plastic shopping bags in Vienna, creating this fish by sewing together 800 of them.

OPINION: Plastic shopping bags must be one of the most annoyingly useless convenience products ever created.

City council ticks off achievements despite divisions

Hamilton City Council Mayor Julie Hardaker has managed to push through a number of key decisions despite a dwindling majority.

Clear divisions have formed inside Hamilton City Council's debating chamber.

Can we really trust TV rating numbers?

John Campbell of Campbell Live - we may never really know how popular (or not) he was.

OPINION: TV viewing numbers are a crock. And so is the reason for Campbell Live's demise.

Hats off to real journalism

Morning Report hosts Guyon Espiner and Susie Ferguson, along with their Radio NZ colleagues, are some of the last in New Zealand broadcasting to be doing real journalism.

OPINION: He wasn't for everyone, but John Campbell did offer viewers something distinctly different.

Sexuality, schools and how to ignore parents

03062015 Advertising Feature  Photo: Carys Monteath/Fairfax NZ
Junior Christchurch Mail
Parkview Primary School.

OPINION: Every so often, for a little bit of fun, I read through policy documents. It makes you appreciate how interesting the rest of life really is, and how tiny the ivory tower in which academics and policy buffs lock themselves. 

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