Housing policy questions remain

If state houses now are too big, too small or in the wrong place, how will they be more desirable under new ownership?

Editorial: Don't count Taylor out

OPINION: He doesn't win 'em all, but Arthur Taylor has notched up some headline-grabbing victories.

Mt Maunganui is my paradise

OPINION: After nearly 40 summers, Mt Maunganui still holds Denise Irvine's heart.

Who picks up the tab?

OPINION: It's not surprising a convention centre in Auckland will cost up to one-third more than the original estimate.

Why doing things is bad

OPINION: Farmers are a terrible lot. They keep Doing Things, and Doing Things is a risky business.

Wildman encounters had scary, sickening edge

OPINION: Ah, Hamilton in summer. No matter what it is, you're never short of something to do.

We're a city on the move

OPINION: I believe most of us actually want to see good things happen in our city.

My home, my castle

OPINION: The Sensible Sentencing Trust is pressing for "home invasion" to be established as a specific offence with a mandatory 10-year minimum jail term.

Good news and bad

OPINION: Economic forecast heralds good and bad news.

Deflation the big worry

It is tempting to welcome falling prices as a good thing, but it leads to unemployment and stagnation.

Another chamber of secrets

OPINION: It was a dark and stormy night in the Hamilton City Council chambers.

Watchdog asleep at switch

OPINION: The FMA's strategic risk outlook lists seven priorities that directs the authority's work in licensing, supervision, compliance and enforcement.

RMA reform needs support

Concerns about the affordability of houses have been rekindled by a new report.

Welfare policies not delivering

OPINION: Much improvement is called for when one in nine working-age Kiwis lacks the means to independently support his or herself.

Information is critical

OPINION: Politicians profess to be champions of open government - in principle, anyway.

Maiden cricket match stumps

Cricket experience invokes numerous life lessons

OPINION: My first experience at cricket was a bit like the game itself - complicated, frustrating and, at the outset, a bit hard to understand.

Not Beersies ads hopeless

OPINION: The HPA should be apologising for confusing the public after ill-conceived anti-drinking campaign.

Sentencing Act a fiasco

OPINION: Changes to the Sentencing Act took effect in December. It's had absurd consequences.

Road message clear enough

OPINION: Police Minister Michael Woodhouse basked in the publicity when the "zero tolerance" campaign was launched.

Rules erode future for farming

OPINION: For some reason, farming is perceived as a "rich" sport, ripe for the picking.

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