Obituary: William Gregg Flower

William Gregg Flower.

Obituary: William Gregg Flower, 1919 - 2016.

The water debate needs some light shed on it

Irrigation companies can choose to sell the water, making them owners in all but name.

The looming debate on the ownership of freshwater has been surrounded by so much myth and guesswork that an informed public conversation is now all but impossible.

Opinion: Hamilton should embrace art and heritage

An artist's design for the three-storey sculpture The Tongue of the Dog.

OPINION: Artworks add A point of difference to Hamilton.

Vaccinate against measles now

Stock Photo - A doctor giving a child an injection Image ID : 22724659
adult, antibodies, boy, chickenpox, child, ...

OPINION: The Waikato is facing a measles epidemic, and it's caused by people who don't vaccinate their children.

Opinion: Fry cleans up history

Stephen Fry.


Opinion: Leaky homes no media beat up

New Zealanders continue to deal with leaky homes, a problem originally described as a media beat up by Helen Clark when ...

Opinion: Helen Clark's media beat up fail to dissolve with time.

Opinion: CBD development under spotlight

What does the future hold for Hamilton's CBD?

Opinion: Asking hard questions can generate action on Hamilton's CBD.

Indian army contributed valiantly at Gallipoli

The Line of Fire statue in Victoria Street is surrounded by the  flags of New Zealand, Australia, Turkey and India.

The flag of India flies adjacent to an Anzac commemoration in central Hamilton, but it is not widely known that Indian soldiers fought valiantly alongside the Anzacs in the Gallipoli.

Tourist numbers need to be limited

Prime Minister John Key met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday. Both gained small concessions from the other ...

OPINION: Much of the country simply lacks the infrastructure to host hordes of tourists.

OPINION: New Zealand becoming an 'erotic' society

Local erotic performer Lisa Lewis steals a ride with a motorbike cop along Albert St during the Boobs on Bikes parade in ...

Opinion: Kiwis becoming a nation of consumers.

Fair Go didn't give council a fair go

Waikato District Mayor Allan Sanson.

It started like any other Waikato Times column. This looks like an interesting read, I thought.

Morrinsville home to a great art gallery

Visesio Poasi SIasau with a miniature version of the tapa cloth work now on display at the Wallace Art Gallery in ...

OPINION: Morrinsville's Wallace Art Gallery consistently provides a great art experience in a town of just 7000.

The age of outrage continues

Stephen Fry has caused an uproar by saying child abuse victims are too sensitive.

OPINION: Stephen Fry's comments in their entirety predict the response the short clip elicited.

Democracy should rule in the fluoride debate

01102013 NEWS Photo: Ben Curran/Waikato Times. Fluoride Free protest on London St. Trevor Crosbie. Story:

OPINION: Giving the decision to district health boards means democracy is the loser, since elected members are in the minority.

Give me that old time religion, especially in carnal matters

Jerry Lee Lewis ... had a child bride. Really.

OPINION: When is consent not consent? Age doesn't always cover all the options.

How to manage the media badly

Waikato District Mayor Allan Sanson rode to the rescue of his communications team, but he shouldn't have had to.

OPINION: Mayor Allan Sanson had to ride to the rescue of his communications team when Fair Go showed up.

Industries must adapt or they won't survive

Who needs one of these any more?

OPINION: The future is coming at fast forward speed.

Being poor doesn't excuse drug use

State house tenants have a duty of care of the property, for the sake of their children, if nothing else.

OPINION: News flash: Being poor doesn't give you special immunity from critique, writes Peter Dornauf.

NZSO under de Waart gives stunning performance

NZSO musical director and conductor Edo de Waart.

REVIEW: The performance was moved from Founders to Clarence Street, which proved a bit small, though the acoustics were adequate.

Bridges risk ire of the aged over SuperGold change

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters catches a train from Petone to Wellington to flag his opposition to changes to ...

It seems the Government has been outed trying to secretly renege on free off–peak travel on public transport promised to holders of the SuperGold Card.

In a challenging world, Kairangi stays the same

Kairangi Hall - so much larger in childhood memories.

OPINION: Is it just me, or are others noticing a bigger than average run of people having a ping at each other, grumping and niggling about this and that?

Battery pig farms are inhumane and cruel and should be shut down

Carolyn Press-McKenzie signs her name on one of 1500 pieces of paper in support of stricter regulations to help ...

OPINION: It is criminal that such pig farms as the one in Hopuhopu that had a fire last week are continuing to operate.

We find ourselves in strange times, when the Nats want to conserve something

Palmyra, Syria, much of which is now destroyed.

OPINION: Conservation no longer seems to be part of the Conservative credo. It now belongs to the left-wing radicals. How strange.

Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints

The Grand Canyon - if that can be kept clean of litter, Hamilton should be a piece of cake.

OPINION: Where are our waste-to-energy projects? It's an idea whose time has come.

John Cleese and Eric Idle count on the nostalgia factor

John Cleese, right, and Eric Idle.

OPINION: Nostalgia has immense pulling power.

Judge correct in Opotiki teen decision, but changes required

Louise Nicholas says judge should have insisted the offender teenagers attend an sex education class of some sort.

The age of consent for sexual relations creates a heated debate every few years, often with little in the way of a useful outcome.

State house tenants should be drug-tested

Palmerston North resident Celina Oliver is complaining that her Housing New Zealand home is contaminated with ...

OPINION: Anyone who wants a state house should be forced to have a drug test before they move in and be randomly tested thereafter. Consequences for failing the test should be grim.

Obituary: Paul Regan Swadel, innovative film director

Obituary: Paul Regan Swadel, October 23, 1968 - March 18, 2016

Obituary: Paul Regan Swadel, October 23, 1968 - March 18, 2016

Opinion, Max Christoffersen: Retirees still working in rock star economy

Hamilton City Council has failed to provide for the elderly in its community.

Opinion, Max Christoffersen: Hamilton City Council must re-think they way it is providing for elderly population.

Opinion, Geoff Taylor: Hardaker's surprise will bring out the contenders.

Hamilton City Councillor Angela O'Leary is tipped to contest the mayoralty at this year's election.

Opinion, Geoff Taylor: Hardaker's surprise will bring out the contenders.

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