Black Ferns fly rugby's flag

Selica Winiata of the Black Ferns runs in for a try during the international women's test match between the New Zealand ...

OPINION: Where once we exchanged jerseys with a gallant opponent at the end of a hard game, some players now exchange blows on the field and accusations of cheating and poor referees afterwards. Thank goodness for the Black Ferns, writes Tom O'Connor.

Beauty to behold

Colour of summer - a flowering gum in full resplendent bloom, the rival to any pohutukawa.

OPINION: Old trees and old classic buildings lend character, charm, dignity and beauty as well as a sense of the gravitas of history to a place, writes Peter Dornauf.

I've been hacked

Don't invite them in, be careful what you click on when you're online.

OPINION: Narelle Henson learns firsthand how easy it is to invite hackers into your home.

Arts on a roll

Fittingly, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is on the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival programme.

OPINION: There is much to look forward to as the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival kicks off, writes Richard Swainson.

Long life well lived

Norm Jones was just 16 days short of his 100th birthday when he died in January.

OBITUARY: Hamilton man Norm Jones died just 16 days short of his 100th birthday.

Nothing fun about it

Protesters outside the Mid Northern Rodeo in Maungatapere.

OPINION: Rodeos are mandated animal abuse sanctioned by the organisers and supported by government, writes Max Christoffersen.

Coming home to discover craft beer nation

Simon Wood continues his column, Wood on Wine and Beer.

Opinion: New Zealand turning into a national of craft beer advocates.

Telling it like it is

The role of the print news media is too important to be hijacked and misused by ego-driven amateurs or influenced by ...

OPINION: Not liking what has been written, or where in the newspaper it is published, does not make it untrue, writes Tom O'Connor.

Reality bites

We can't always control our life's path – the twists and turns can sometimes take us to surprising places.

OPINION: Life takes unexpected twists and unusual turns, writes Peter Dornauf, some see us soaring, others plumbing the depths.

Drafted into Bolt's All Stars team

Runner Camille Buscomb competing in the three-minute race for Usain Bolt's All Star team at the Coles Nitro Athletics ...

OPINION: An elimination error spoils Waikato runner's chance to impress Usain Bolt.

A love story

It could be said that there are parallels between the dominant alpha male character played by Jamie Dornan, pictured ...

OPINION: Two alpha males, both powerful business tycoons used to getting what they want, yet the world's response to each of them is completely different, writes Narelle Henson.

Schoolboy rugby shame

Schoolboy rugby is alive and well in Fiji, but the island nation should not be just a player-provider, a slave rugby ...

OPINION: As my old high school places this old boy in a ‘basket of deplorables’, I stand proudly for Fijian rugby and I suspect I am not alone.

Fun police silenced

The crowd get into it at Hamilton's Seddon Park, when the Black Caps prevailed over Australia in the final ODI to take ...

OPINION: Security guards following wowser instructions could have sucked the fun out of a day at the cricket. But the crowd, and the Black Caps, prevailed, writes Richard Swainson.

Life well lived

Bill Edwards loved the outdoors and was keen diver later in life.

OBITUARY: Mining may have been in Bill Edwards' blood but it was the great outdoors he loved.

Child's play

Toddlers have a keen sense of staying out of trouble by keeping tabs on other people’s reactions.

OPINION: Toddlers take into account other people's reactions when deciding whether or not to copy. 

Shameful exploitation of migrant workers

Migrant worker exploitation rampant across NZ, study shows.

OPINION: Enough NZ employers acting illegally to create a serious issue of human trafficking and exploitation as bad as anywhere in the world, writes Tom O'Connor.

Kiwi values hard to nail

Jandals, Marmite, Buzzy Bees, tiki, kete and tomato sauce bottles are easily recognised as typically Kiwi but Kiwi ...

OPINION: We pride ourselves on our even-handedness and fair-go attitude, but, yeah nah, that's not unique to New Zealand.

A life of music

Waikato University’s flag flew at half-mast when Guyon Wells died in January.

Music informed his life and Guyon Wells' career, brimming with accomplishment, was testament to that.

Just not cricket

Martin Guptill acknowledges his 50 against Australia in the first of the ODIs in the Chappell-Hadlee Series, played at ...

OPINION: When it comes to cricket, the Aussies seem to think we're hardly worth the effort.

God and a gay son

An LGBT discussion group at Christian music festival Festival One was shut down only one day into the festival.

My son is gay. It’s not a lifestyle or an illness. It is the way he was made.

Counting my blessings

When illness strikes while you're on holiday, it's a special kind of misery.

OPINION: Never have I been sick on holiday. Until last week.

Family matters most

OPINION: Good laws, great wages, and fantastic jobs are wonderful things, but more important are good dads, great mums and fantastic marriages, writes Narelle Henson.

There's nothing wrong with facts

The car was left perched on the wall after a drunk driver hit abandoned it there.

COMMENT: A strange story of a car that crashed into a fence and a comms department that tried to have the story pulled.

Vintage Read: The Greater Trumps

The Greater Trumps was first published in 1932.

Rachel Pope of Browsers bookshop discovers Charles Williams, a contemporary of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien.

The reality gap

An organised dog fight in China. We'd put such savage pastimes behind us in the civilised world until it became possible ...

We risk forgetting the ties that bind us into a world fit to live in, writes Rosemary McLeod.

Behind Trump's muslim ban

U.S. President Donald Trump signs an executive order to impose tighter vetting of travelers entering the United States.

OPINION: I thought there would be no way that Trump's senate would allow such disrespect of human life.

Don't let love dry up on Valentine's Day

Actress Danielle Cormack stars in Kiwi romantic flick, The Price of Milk, recommended for Valentine's Day.

Opinion: Waikato writer, film-maker Claire Ashton gives readers an insight into New Zealand's movie industry.

Heritage lost

191212.News. Photo Peter Drury/Waikato Times .Opposition is mounting to the demolition of the Catholic Diocese of ...

OPINION: The Kiwi way is to instinctively knock things down, replace it with something new and then repeat. It's time to break the cycle, writes Peter Dornauf.

Recklessness of youth

Teenager Travis Scott took a luge ride down the Kaimai Range.

OPINION: Reckless behaviour is part of growing up to test the boundaries of courage, ability and community tolerance, writes Tom O'Connor.

"Foot in mouth' epidemic

Property tycoon Sir Bob Jones' comments last week about beggars on the streets of Auckland were designed to be ...

OPINION: What more constructive use for the internet could there be than as a vehicle for outrage and indignation, asks Richard Swainson.

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