City of trees

A drive into Hamilton East shows the city changing its clothes of many colours in preparation for the winter ahead.

OPINION: This time of year shows Hamilton at its best, but as Max Christoffersen was reminded, there is much more to this city than its beautiful trees.

Life of service

Marie Panapa shared a vision of better outcomes for casualties of  mainstream education.

OBITUARY: When she died earlier this month Marie Panapa was the widely revered and respected matriarch of an education success story, Te Wānanga o Aotearoa.

Bully or victim?

Andy and Craig from Married at First Sight were married in one of the gardens at Queenstown's Stoneridge Estate.

OPINION: At first glance, it seemed clear cut. Victimised couple versus bullying religious bigot. But, as Narelle Henson writes, a second glance is more revealing.

Exceptional behaviour

Shane Reid in the dock for sentencing in the Hamilton District Court.

OPINION: Good things don't always come in small packages, writes Richard Swainson.

Time to make a change

Huntly man Niraj Bahadur wants the harassment from a group of neighbourhood kids to stop.

OPINION: Too many Kiwi children are born into households where violence, drug abuse and dishonesty are part of everyday life, writes Tom O'Connor.

Held to ransom

250514. 123rf.
Stock Photo - Security concept: Lock on digital screen, contrast, 3d render

 abstract, access, attack, ...

OPINION: There are many lessons to be learnt from the WannaCry ransomware attack, Waikato University cyber security experts say.

Sign of the times

Hamilton City Council tag busters graffiti removal staff at work on a Fairfield fence back in 2011, but where are they ...

OPINION: Ordinary human civilities seem to have gone in some quarters, Peter Dornauf writes. It’s a jungle out there.

Parking plan flawed

There is nothing progressive about turning  Garden Place  into a car park.

OPINION: CBD parking has become something of a political football, writes Richard Swainson.

Fly high, fly long

A shag sunning its wings in the summer heat.

OPINION: For Max Christoffersen, seeing a shag sunning its wings is a reminder of the colour of life and a fateful day from his past.

Navy honours farmer

Roy Waide with Rear Admiral Jack Steer at the 75th anniversary of the Graf Spee scrap in 2014.

OBITUARY: Tauhei farmer Roy Waide was a veteran of two significant WWII sea battles: those of the River Plate off Argentina, and of the night time battle of Kolombangara in the Coral Sea.

Survival of the fittest

How does a farmer toilet train 500 cows while extracting a food product at the same time?

OPINION: If mothering were a business, Narelle Henson fears she'd be out of a job for breaking too many laws.

Road to nowhere

Instead of prison, experts are calling for early intervention and rehabilitation for youth offenders.

OPINION: As a nation, we have failed when we have to send a 14-year-old schoolboy to jail for robbing and killing a shopkeeper, Tom O'Connor writes.

Arts in good heart

Existence is a grim, lonely affair. So suggested one of the most famous painters of the mid 20th century, Edward Hopper ...

OPINION: Peter Dornauf put his prejudices to the test when he checked out Hamilton's visual arts scene. He came away pleasantly surprised.

Park gets top marks

14122016 News Photo: TOM LEE/FAIRFAX NZ - The weather held out for the opening of the Hamilton Gardens Destination ...

OPINION: Sometimes in a community, there has to be a community good funded by the community for all the community. Hamilton City Council got this one exactly right, writes Max Christoffersen.

Love of his life

Dearly loved wife and mother, Marie Townshend was involved in just about every organisation that supported family and ...

OBITUARY: Marie Townshend swore she would never marry a farmer, and then she met Gray. Theirs was a love and a partnership that stood the test of time.

What's your first memory?

Thanks to infantile amnesia it’s likely that, in a few years' time, these little ones will have no recollection of their ...

OPINION: Most adults cannot recall memories that were formed before the age of three or four years, writes Dr Sabine Seehagen.

Quiz night clash

A few of these outside the Londoner tavern on Hamilton's Victoria St before roadworks were due to start could have saved ...

OPINION: Roadworks shut down quiz night temporarily in Hamilton’s CBD, writes quiz master Richard Swainson, revealing at the same time that there seems to be little need for free parking.

A mother's work

It’s tough to beat morning cuddles in bed with mum.

OPINION: At the end of the day, it's mum's kisses, cuddles and love that matter most, writes Narelle Henson.

Hunter gatherers

Duck shooting season is under way.

OPINION: Hunting is neither cruel nor a slaughter, rather it's crucial to help keep bird populations at manageable levels.

Up to our necks in it

Hundreds attended the Anzac Day dawn service at Hamilton’s Memorial Gardens.

OPINION: Prayers to a loving deity who lets people die, "magic water" to beat cancer, sports stars refusing to wear sponsor's logos but, Peter Dornauf ponders, has he taken a pay cut?

You don't know how I feel - period

Some opinions, no matter how well-intentioned, are best kept to yourself, says Denise Irvine.

OPINION: "Menstrual mansplainer" probably meant well, but that's not good enough.

Hard-working man

Roger Johnson: Community played a major role in his life.

OBITUARY: "Hard work never killed anyone" was Roger Johnson's motto.

PM's charm offensive

Things are gong swell in the Waikato, Prime Minister Bill English told Hamilton’s business community on a recent visit ...

OPINION: Excitement amongst the city’s entrepreneurs was the stuff of a revival meeting when the PM came to town, Richard Swainson writes.

Med students speak up

Students have much to offer when considering the potential and the problems of the Waikato medical school proposal.

OPINION: What is the point of another medical school if current medical graduates can't find jobs, Max Christoffersen asks.

Bullies know no boundaries

School is an ideal place to learn about other people’s beliefs and points of view.

OPINION: It's healthy to be surrounded by people who don't think the same way you do, writes Narelle Henson.

Tip of the iceberg

Shirley and Selwyn McMillan are homeless and have been living in their car with their pets.

OPINION: It has always been too easy to blame the poor for their poverty rather than admit that the experiment in neoliberalism has been a tragic failure, writes Tom O'Connor.

Rules for rules' sake

Columnist Peter Dornauf's refusal to conform to the rules and remove his hat drew the ire of many letter writers, ...

OPINION: Peter Dornauf's stand to save Euphrasie House attracted a few comments, but his refusal to remove his hat opened the floodgates of scorn and vitriol.

Waikato med school

Waikato District Health Board chief executive Dr Nigel Murray.

OPINION: It is time for a radical change in who we select for medical training, how we train them, where we train them, and where they go when they finish training, writes Dr Nigel Murray.

It's our turn to fix this

A medical school backed by Waikato Hospital, pictured, and Waikato University  seeks to train GPs to fill a critical ...

OPINION: The old boys have failed to fix New Zealand's doctor shortage, now it's our turn.

Leave Garden Place alone

As more people move into Hamilton central city to live, these open spaces become more important as public amenities.

OPINION: It's time to have a conversation about how cars fit in with plans for a modern and vibrant city, writes Rowena Hay and Aaron Wong.

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