Heed Bryan Gould's warnings

24082015 news Liz McDonald / Fairfax NZ
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There have been warnings and predictions enough, including from this column, about the perilous state of the housing market.

Airline runs out of lift and stalls

The Kiwi Regional Airlines Saab 340 taxis at Nelson Airport.

OPINION: There's something sad about Ewan Wilson's vision coming to an end.

Beating the black dog

The black dog will bite the hand that feeds it.

OPINION: Beware the black dog. He can get up to his old tricks in a flash.

Opinion: Buyers, sellers look to spring market

The rural property market cools during the winter, but spring is shaping up to be an active period for buyers and sellers.

Opinion: It's going to be a busy spring market for farm sales.

The market is indifferent

13/04/16. News Photo 123rf
Women giving a coin for homeless poor man

OPINION: If you're homeless and poor, what are you doing with a car? They're expensive items.

Melbourne for the uninitiated

Melbourne's city centre looks across the Yarra River.

OPINION: Melbourne has many charms for the first-time visitor.

Students put on tour de force

Marriage of Figaro cast members Clinton Fung, Blaire White and Amy Thomas, right.

REVIEW: The University of Waikato Opera Studies performance of Marriage of Figaro superb.

Churches should report abuse

Why do some people need more from work than others?

OPINION: Individuals have obligations to report crimes against children and vulnerable adults. Shouldn't, by extension, churches?

Nurse coercion required

12042016 News Photo CHARLOTTE CURD/Fairfax. The ministry on Health are trying to encourage all pregnant women to have ...

OPINION: Requiring nurses to get a flu jab or wear a mask is not an infringement of their human rights, it is the protection of the patients' human rights.

Don't spoil it for me!

The Good Wife: plot twist spoiled.

OPINION: Information is so ubiquitous that you can't watch TV in peace any more.

Film not about courage at all

Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin star in Me Before You, a film that sparked a small, almost unremarked protest in Auckland.

OPINION: Out in the cold were a few protesters. Out in the cold were the true heroes of the day.

Founders debate too narrow

Do we even need a 1200-seat theatre any more?

OPINION: In the conversation about Founders, the city needs to be asking the right questions, former Hamilton mayor Bob Simcock says.

A torrent of blood later ...

There's nothing like a nosebleed to draw attention to yourself.

It started with a single blotch of red. An out-of-place patch of colour on the bathroom floor.  

Elderly cautious, but as safe as most other drivers

An elderly driver in Matamata.

OPINION: Elderly drivers don't appear to be at greater risk of accidents.

Opinion: Church is out of touch

The Catholic Presbytery on Grey Street in Hamilton East.

Opinion: Little being done to save city's important buildings.

Opinion: Gender neutral clothes, not for my kid

Pink socks, not for my son.

Opinion: Give children the time and space to define their own identities.

Opinion: Waikato DHB out of step

New Zealand Nurses Organisation wants  Waikato DHB to work in partnership to lift flu vaccination rates through a ...

Opinion: Waikato DHB asked to promote positive messages about vaccinations.

Opinion: Swingers can change political fortunes

Green Party Co-leaders James Shaw, left, and Metiria Turei, right, with Labour Party leader Andrew Little during the ...

Opinion: Labour needs a celebrity star to attract swinging voters.

Which will be the last Hamilton church building to go?

The Catholic Presbytery on Grey Street in Hamilton East.

OPINION: Richard Swainson takes a satirical look at the loss of Hamilton's religious buildings.

Humane approach to housing crisis

The shortage of available affordable housing, either to rent or buy, is only one symptom.

OPINION: It's not a housing shortage, it's a complete failure of the social infrastructure.

Opinion: Flu jab protects all

Opinion: Nurses must be coerced into doing the right thing.

Opinion: Election a chance to move city forward

Former Waikato Times deputy editor and columnist, Geoff Taylor, is contesting election to the Hamilton City Council in 2016.

Opinion: Tired of criticism, it's time to do something about the problems facing the city.

Opinion: Parents in poverty

Opinion: Famliy structure is paramount when it comes to dealing with poverty.

Opinion: A city where people's comments count

Hamilton CBD.

Opinion: It's not perfect, but people have a chance to change Hamilton's CBD.

Opinion: Glory days of student radio

Columnist Max Christoffersen at the  top of the University of Waikato's library to turn on an FM radio transmitter, for ...

Opinion: Student radio embodied everything special about university life in the Waikato.

Is it art if you don't like it?

Hamilton's new sculpture in Victoria Street called the Tongue of the Dog.

OPINION: For many, art - all art - has to be strictly representative, as true as a photograph but done with a brush and paint, or it's not art.

The grim reaper has been busy

Ian Watkin.

OPINION: It's been a bad year for celebrity deaths, even those you might not have heard of.

Opinion: Gloomy times ahead for NZ

Hamiltonians put their support behind the march for Moko event, including Te Aroha Keremeta, Luke Te Haate, Kimberly ...

Opinion: Series of lows leave New Zealanders searching for positive news.

Opinion: The stay-at-home revolutionary

There's a revolution in progress, in the homes of New Zealand.

Opinion: There's a revolution going on in homes around New Zealand.

Obituary: Thirst for knowledge and family life

Susan Margaret Hovell.

Obituary: Susan Margaret Hovell, 1955 - 2016.

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