Freedom has its limits

tdn cave strap

OPINION: The bylaws regulating freedom camping in the Thames-Coromandel District had been confusing, Motor Caravan Association lawyer Mai Chen said after a High Court judge this week ruled on their legality.

Tough work to take heartland seats

OPINION: Waikato University senior lecturer in political science Dr Alan Simpson examines the local electorates.

When privacy goes flying out the window

Nicky Hager

OPINION: Hager's book is from the gutter if only because that's where the pirates - and the rats - dwell.

PM's nice-guy image gone forever

John Key

OPINION: The very meaning of the phrase ''dirty politics'' has changed forever for New Zealanders.

Concern still on dairy prices

Dairy cows

OPINION: While we are hoping for an early bounce-back in dairy prices, we can't afford to be indifferent to the case for greater diversification.

Parties are political life blood

Voting station

OPINION: With a General Election in just five weeks, it is party time - political party time.

The things I love about Hamilton


OPINION: The city generally doesn’t try to be something it isn’t, and it doesn’t much care if others don’t get it.

Don't think twice, Bob's all right


OPINION: Some complained that they could not see him. Others missed his guitar work.

Making tax policy decisions


OPINION: Putting issues in the hands of expert but unelected authorities would erode the power voters can wield through the ballot box.

Affordability the main issue

Voting station

OPINION: Most party policies are intended to benefit somebody who, in all likelihood, is a voter.

Editorial: Bullied on liquor laws

alcohol generic

The Waikato District Council last week announced it wants citizens' ideas on alcohol licensing to help it draft a new policy.

Why aren't you listening?

Election voting paper

OPINION: All around Hamilton at the moment are billboards in all the shades of the political Rainbow.

Park the Tardis in Hamilton Gardens

Doctor Who

OPINION: People behind the scenes have been trying to get an episode or two of the Doctor Who to film in New Zealand.

Editorial | Mixed signals on economy


OPINION: Hamilton East MP David Bennett's questions in Parliament on Tuesday were crafted to put a positive glow on his Government's economic accomplishments.

Let's throw a Gala Ball that all of Hamilton will enjoy

Winter Festival opening

I like a party and 150 years of being a place is as good a reason as any for one.

Speak out about workplace bullying

Allan Halse

OPINION: In public, it was all sweetness and light but, behind closed doors, there were arguments, lying and threats.

Mining an election issue


OPINION: Chris Wilkes, Taranaki KASM co-ordinator, believes people are fundamentally opposed to seabed mining.

Waikato cycling hopes and dreams


OPINION: Games provide inspiration Waikato must build on for world championships.

Nothing sexy about Motion 30

couple holding hands

OPINION: Sex is a funny thing. It doesn't matter what your opinion is on the topic, you're likely to offend somebody.

Bigotry not the way forward

	 Russell Armitage

OPINION: The section of the church that Michael Hewat has now aligned himself with has turned the Bible into a paper pope.

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