Food prices leave bad taste in mouth

18:24, Feb 11 2013
Nitro Circus
OVERPRICED FOOD: A Waikato mother says Waikato Stadium engaged in 'blatant profiteering' by charging expensive prices for food during the Nitro Circus event.

Our recent visit to the Waikato Stadium on a rare treat for the family was tainted to say the least.

After paying the high price to see Nitro Circus, which I must add was an excellent and well worth show, we were shocked to be charged $75 for overcooked and unpleasant food.

Five hot dogs cooked to rock hard, five punnets dry chips and five small Cokes.

Being a family of five and on a modest income we felt extorted. 

The stadium's rule of not allowing any form of food or drink to be in brought in surely opens the door for this blatant profiteering.

To make the situation even more frustrating the caterer (Montana) does not even supply the service of Eftpos, requiring patrons to queue at one ATM for cash, then queue again to be fleeced for overpriced, sub-standard food.

I strongly urge the management of the stadium to consider the current caterer's prices and quality when renewal of the food tender arises.

Carley Taylor,