Fair's fair Hamilton, time to stop it with the fireworks

If you see a sign like this one, kick it. Hard.
If you see a sign like this one, kick it. Hard.

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Enough's enough Hamilton, it's time to stop it with the fireworks.

Sunday night marked the 8th night in a row I - along with the rest of Hamilton East - was kept awake well past 11pm by the loud booms and bangs of backyard pyrotechnics.

Like I've said prior, I'm no killjoy, and I enjoy a good public fireworks display with the rest of them.

And on the first couple of nights fireworks went on public sale I was more than happy to shut my windows, run a hot bath and let Hamilton have their fuse-lit fun.

By night number four (a Monday) I was more than a little over the handful of houses in my neighbour who continued to keep the rest of us awake, and our dogs and cats in terror, by letting of fireworks well past midnight.

At the weekend I tried to keep my temper in check - it was Friday and Saturday night after all - but by Sunday I was lying in bed, pillow over my ears, and flinching each time a loud explosion shook the bedroom windows. That's not a lot of fun when you are six months pregnant. 

And just when I thought Hamilton couldn't be any more inconsiderate, the fireworks started up again last night. At 9pm. On a Sunday night. That's 9 nights in a row.

Can someone please explain to me why it's okay to keep your entire neighbourhood of adults and children and babies and the elderly up night after night after night.

And why do folks think it's perfectly fine to start letting off crackers when all the other houses around you are turning their lights off and getting ready for bed?

It's not just Hamilton East that's been kept awake. The same thing's being repeated in suburbs across the Waikato and we are all fed up.

So fair's fair, fireworks fans. You've had your fun. Please, for the love of god put them away now and let us all get some sleep.

Angela Cuming is a Hamilton East resident who likes fireworks but loves her sleep. If fireworks are let off tonight she will wait until 4am and calmly stand outside the bedroom windows of the offending houses while clashing a pair of cymbals. For 10 nights in a row.