Seriously Hamilton, stop those bloody fireworks

19:17, Dec 08 2013
If you see a sign like this one, kick it. Hard.

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Right, that's it Hamilton, time to knock it off.

Those bloody backyard fireworks you are so fond are letting off in all hours of the night and early hours have gone beyond annoying and it's time something was done about it.

I think I speak for most of us - the pregnant, the elderly, the pet and livestock owners, the parents of young children, the shift workers and those who happen to want something as scandalous a good night's sleep - when I say: STOP LETTING THEM OFF.

We don't care how much fun you think they are, or whose birthday it is, or how drunk you were or that it was some commercial radio station's contrived "National Crate Day" or whether or not it's legal and therefore okay - fireworks in quiet, residential areas are just not cool.

One month ago I dusted off my soapbox to plead with the good people of Hamilton East to quit it with their pyrotechnic displays. Exhausted and pregnant, I longed for a good night's sleep, uninterrupted by rattling windows and loud booms and cracks.


Nothing's changed. I've been woken up by fireworks almost every night now since they went on sale at the start of November. So has the wee little girl who lives next door - I hear her cries and wails in the night when the fireworks start up.

And it's not just Hamilton East. Residents from Whatawhata to Huntington, Glenview to Ngaruawahia are copping it too and we are all equally fed up.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, gives you the right to keep us all up, to distress our pets and scare our children and stop us sleeping and leave us exhausted and having to go to work or school the next day.

Do you think the poor lady whose cat, terrified by the noises, ran outside and was hit by a car and needs its leg amputated is glad you had fun? 

Do you think the new mum whose baby woke up screaming at 12.30am is not worth worrying about?

Do you think the pregnant nurse who works in Waikato Hospital's intensive care unit deserves to be kept awake until 3am because you decided to have a backyard party and let off some more of your fireworks stash?

Our neighbourhoods are our communities, our homes our sanctuaries and places of rest.

Stop wrecking it for us all. 

Angela is a Hamilton East resident whose unborn baby, two cats and one very patient fiance are beginning to wish they lived back in Sydney where backyard fireworks are banned. And that's a pretty big call because they all really hate the Wallabies.