If this is climate change, bring it on!

20:48, Jun 06 2011

I spent most of yesterday, running around with nothing more than jeans and a tee-shirt to keep me comfortable.

It was very hard to believe that there are just two weeks before the shortest day of the year -- the temperatures have been so very mild.

Even a little light rain and some gloomy overhead clouds could do nothing to offset the joy that was a warm day in winter -- I love it!

This is the warmest autumn and early Winter I can remember.

Normally, by this time of the year, the lawns have stopped growing around here, having been shocked into a state of stasis by several weeks of hard frosts -- but this year they still need mowing every week or two.

By now we're also usually consumed a fairly large proportion of the firewood that was bought a few months ago -- this time however, the garage is still amply stocked.


Now I'm sure the warm bubble that has been our Indian summer will eventually burst but in the meantime I'm just loving this extended period of comfort.

Of course in the face of things like spring droughts in the UK, record tornado seasons in the US mid-west, killer twisters in Albany and other freakish weather it becomes hard to deny that there isn't something going on with the earth's climate.

Whether this is a man-made phenomenon or whether we're just going along for the ride however, is still something I'm undecided on with too much bickering and not enough sound solid science (IMHO) to conclusively prove either argument.

One other aspect of this year's weather (to date) is what appears (at least around here) to be a noticeable reduction in the amount of wind we're getting. There have been many more calm or near-calm days so far and that must be a worry for those betting their futures on wind-power.

The flip-side of that coin is that when the wind blows, it does so with a vengeance -- something that's even worse for wind-generators than having no wind at all. I wonder what the future holds for our wind farms if we're going to face a significant increase in calm and uber-windy days that effectively render these generation resources impotent?

Ah well, in the meantime I'll just sit back and enjoy the weather, I suggest you do the same.