The upside of losing

Emirates Team New Zealand

OPINION: Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce is not averse to picking winners.

Study should dig deeper

Shane Jones

Progressive Enterprises copped a bad press last month when Labour MP Shane Jones accused it of threatening to stop stocking Kiwi suppliers' products if they did not make cash payments to recompense the stores for losses suffered last year.

Fluoride return welcome


OPINION: The Hamilton City Council is to be congratulated for deciding to resume fluoridation of the city's water supply.

The felling of a forest giant

glorious kauri

OPINION: Sadly iconic forest trees rate much lower in priorities than commercially cultivated trees or vines.

Reserve Bank rethink needed

Reserve Bank of New Zealand dollar notes

OPINION: The Government thrives on mocking Opposition politicians who want to change monetary policy.

Cleaning up our water act

OPINION: The Government is pumping more money into making water cleaner.

Future looks less rosy


OPINION: Inflationary pressures and higher interest rates to counter them are the price to be paid, presumably, for having a rock-star economy.

Puff shop ruling a triumph

legal highs

OPINION: Thanks to some lamentable lawmaking, the council is constrained in doing what is best for the city.

Plans for city worthy

Hamilton City Council

OPINION: Civic leaders now can build on the city's assets "and start reinvesting in the things that matter to Hamiltonians"

Silver lining a tad thin


OPINION: The Government's programme of asset sales, which started as a headline-grabber in a prime ministerial speech early in 2011, is ending as an election promise that hasn't quite been fully delivered.

Spread of the dairy action

Dairy cows

OPINION: We expressed disappointment at the region's employment statistics last month, after Goodman Fielder confirmed it will close its Huttons/Kiwi Bacon factory in Frankton and 125 jobs will be lost.

A matter of life and death

Casey Nathan

OPINION: A family tragedy - the death of a mother and her baby at the Huntly Birthcare centre in 2011 - has been the subject of a lengthy and very public inquest in recent days.

What politicians say . . .

Colin Craig

The Conservative Party leader doesn't see why different standards of honesty and rectitude apply to politicians.

Trade deal details needed

Australian cigarettes

OPINION: Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia played the sovereignty card when arguing in favour of legislation requiring the tobacco industry to sell its products in plain packaging.

Tobacco fix not easy


OPINION: Making tobacco illegal would be futile, but more honest than banning legitimate companies from branding their wares.

Why they can't stay away

Te Tii marae Waitangi Day

OPINION: Younger generations take it for granted that Waitangi Day is a public holiday, but not the students at St Paul's Collegiate in Hamilton or St Peter's School in Cambridge.

Rent rethink a good plan

Hamilton City Council

OPINION: If Waikato people wanted to turn Waitangi Day into Protest Day, the Council has just removed one item from the grievance agenda.

Dairy dominance comes with a sting

Dairy cow.

OPINION: Our dairy exporters are heavily and increasingly dependent on China, risking over-exposure to a boom/bust cycle.

Sustainability? Yeah right

Hamilton City Council

OPINION: Failing to return a crucial block of land to Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park throws doubt on the Council's environmental credentials.

Seddon Park upgrade

Seddon Park

OPINION: The upgrade of Seddon Park must happen, but how do you measure the benefit of bringing International matches?

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