Editorial | Crunch time for Labour

Simon Cunliffe

OPINION: The Labour Party's caucus meeting today will make decisions of great significance for the party's rejuvenation. David Cunliffe will officially resign as leader and party president Moira Coatsworth will consult the MPs on when a contest to decide a new leader should be held.

Balance is Key's challenge

John Key

OPINION: Economic growth was among the tailwinds that helped National sail to a comfortable election victory at the weekend.

Everyone's voting - are you?

Joseph Stalin, the Soviet Union's brutish and dictatorial leader from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953, once said: "The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do."

Diversions hinder Labour

Last leaders' debate

OPINION: An ardent Labour Party supporter, blogging about the final leaders' "debate", was particularly struck by the responses when National's John Key and Labour's David Cunliffe were asked what their governments would do in the first 100 days.

Winz has overreacted


OPINION: The Ashburton killings weren't part of a rash. They horrified the country because they were extraordinary.

Comply, don't provoke


OPINION: It's understandable that shopkeepers want to protect themselves, but guns are a big jump.

Early voting welcomed


OPINION: The relaxing of early-voting requirements is to be welcomed simply by making the electoral system more voter-friendly.

Full marks to Hardaker

Julie Hardaker

OPINION: The Hamilton City Council is to be applauded for developing a bylaw to proscribe anti-social and threatening behaviour in the central business district.

Concern over dairy prices

dairy cow

OPINION: This slump in farmers' prospects will adversely affect the rest of the regional economy.

Editorial | River ownership in question

Waikato River

OPINION: Who owns the foreshore and seabed became a divisive political issue after the Court of Appeal ruled in 2003 that Maori customary rights over the foreshore and seabed had not been extinguished.

Testing times for Key

STEMMING THE BLOOD: Prime Minister John Key.

OPINION: Fitness to govern and the way politicians exercise their power are no less important than their policies.

Are electoral laws working?

Bill english

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English had plenty to say about the Government's accomplishments last month.

Digesting the debate

key cunliffe

OPINION: The first leaders' debate didn't result in a knockout but Labour's David Cunliffe generally has been credited with winning on points against a curiously lacklustre prime minister.

Freedom has its limits

tdn cave strap

OPINION: The bylaws regulating freedom camping in the Thames-Coromandel District had been confusing, Motor Caravan Association lawyer Mai Chen said after a High Court judge this week ruled on their legality.

Concern still on dairy prices

Dairy cows

OPINION: While we are hoping for an early bounce-back in dairy prices, we can't afford to be indifferent to the case for greater diversification.

Affordability the main issue

Voting station

OPINION: Most party policies are intended to benefit somebody who, in all likelihood, is a voter.

Editorial: Bullied on liquor laws

alcohol generic

The Waikato District Council last week announced it wants citizens' ideas on alcohol licensing to help it draft a new policy.

Mining an election issue


OPINION: Chris Wilkes, Taranaki KASM co-ordinator, believes people are fundamentally opposed to seabed mining.

Waikato loses more jobs


OPINION: The discomforting reality for National is that the Waikato has 2100 fewer jobs now and 6100 more unemployed than in 2008.

Labour fails to fire up


Labour Party politicians and supporters will find plenty of cause for disquiet in the latest poll figures.

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