Editorial: Why the Ham East puff shop must close

03:11, Dec 19 2013

The puff shop in Grey St must go. Hamilton East residents have had a guts full and they have every right to feel the way they do.  

The prospect of having to wait another three months to be rid of this abomination while authorities go through legal processes is intolerable. 

School children, shoppers, neighbouring workers and business owners shouldn't have to put up with the intimidation and threats they are getting from the clientele this business attracts. It's just wrong. 

When Marian Catholic Primary School has to ask its students to walk in pairs or avoid Grey St altogether you know the situation has become untenable. 

And amid all the protest and discussion, where is the operator of the shop Kinnari Mihir Patel and where is the owner of the building who grants him his lease?

They have shown their hand by refusing to react to the community's distress. 


They are hiding.  Obviously all they care about is the money and they intend to keep their heads down. 

Shame on them. 

We say it is time for the Hamilton East community to have its voice heard.  

Let us as a city work together to fast track its closure. 

The puff shop in Grey St needs to be closed down.