Coverage upsets DHB chair

Waikato Hospital

The Waikato Times published a seriously unbalanced report of the recent Ministry of Health review into Waikato DHB.

Let's hope for a deal on the courthouse

	 old courthouse, hamilton

Waikato Times columnist Paul Barlow is right to be cranky over the state of the old Hamilton courthouse.

Another day in the zoo

It's 9.40am in Grey Street, about 24 hours since a police officer was assaulted.

Um, Te Rapa has tourists too

Note to Sandy Turner of the Hamilton Business Associaiton: Te Rapa doesn't want synthetic drugs either.

Fix our river walkway, okay?

Why is it okay for the Hamilton City Council to leave our river walk blocked off for years?

Servian: Theatre comments were personal view

Meteor Theatre

Setting the story straight Re: "Hamilton theatres lose $1.4m - and getting redder" (Waikato Times, January 6).

Editor's note: Online poll results


Contrary to the absurd claims by Fluoride Free NZ there is no conspiracy.

Mystery Samaritan saves Patchy the cow


Patchy was only minutes from certain death when a passerby came to her rescue.

Seats in Founders Theatre 'appalling'

Surely we deserve something better than this, writes theatre-goer Frank Bailey.

Garden Place in the glorious 70s

	 Garden place

Garden Place in 1971 was a safe and happy place to rendezvous with your girlfriend and meet your mates.

Anti-fluoride? Here's what to Google

Are you wondering why there is so much tension over the water fluoridation issue?

Hardaker: I do not know Wanda Lee

Hamilton Mayor Julie Hardaker

OPINION: Comments made by Ewan Wilson through your paper that I am implicated in the Facebook page mentioned in your story about council candidate Steve McLennan are totally false.

Wilson: Vote on issues, not my past

	 Ewan Wilson

Mayoral candidate Ewan Wilson speaks out about that fraud conviction - and what he learned from it.

Thank you Jonathan MacKenzie, now please come to Ham East

Thank you Jonathan MacKenzie for the excellent organising and presentation of candidates at Tuesday night's meeting at Wintec's Atrium.

Councillors 'appalling' for voting against sculpture

I can think of nothing better to celebrate this city's 150 years than the installation of an artwork of this scale and stature.

Reunion a 'South Island-biased bunch'

Funny how when the Chiefs won back-to-back it never got the same attention as Otago's Ranfurly Shield win.

Thanks for the beautiful music Tui 2000


What a joy to wake to a dawn chorus in Hamilton City, something members of Tui 2000 could once have only dreamt of.

The sad story of Mellow Manor

The sad story of Mellow Manor is yet another episode in the destruction of our Waikato heritage.

Hang your heads in shame, Mooloo fans

During Waikato's defence of the Ranfurly Shield against Otago, our wonderful stadium was mostly empty.

Media take the moral high ground with Fonterra

Typical journalists have hyped up the Fonterra story and take the so-called moral high ground, writes Putararu's Raewyn Habergham.

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