Mistaken diagnosis risk small


Narelle Henson says that the legalisation of medically assisted death is too risky because of the possibility of mistaken diagnosis.

A great big thank you

parking ticket

Last Thursday I had cause to use the less than user-friendly pay machine in the Pembroke Street Hospital car park.

Council making 'foolish decisions'

Hamilton pensioners worried their council-owned flats will be sold are looking at their options.

Foolish decisions The Waikato Times headline story "Pensioners seek new homes in Waipa" is highly disappointing.

Supporting our elderly


The Hamilton City Council asks us whether selling pensioner housing meets with our approval.

Rating move adverse affect

Open purse and money

I hope we don't see a switch to a capital value rating system at the end of this month.

Euthanasia: Time common sense prevailed


Narelle Henson quotes "legalised death is too great a risk".

Benefit fraud

Hamilton woman Sokha Ly, aka Sokha Singh, discusses her $224,961.01 predicament

Stephen Bright has misunderstood the research of Lisa Marriott from Victoria University

Take a bow, Narelle

God bless, Narelle Henson, your occasional columnist. She has a lovely, kind manner of expression, even when exposing the hypocrisy of the Green misanthropists. I find myself unable to disguise my contempt for them, and tend to express myself accordingly.

Oil support a tragic folly

Oil barrel

The folly of the Government's enthusiastic support for continuing oil exploration in New Zealand waters has been underlined by the Bank of England governor Mark Carney.

Tribute to our tui champions

tui bird

Yes, Ruth van der Sluis, we now have these delightful birds to enrich our lives.

MPs doing OK

Bill English

Reading the front page headline story in the Waikato Times clearly explains the present state of New Zealanders.

Native wildlife populate city


Congratulations to the Hamilton City Council for their achievement of attracting thousands of tui into Hamilton.

Cynical revenue gathering exercise

Disabled car park

A couple of Sundays back, my wife and I made one of our infrequent trips to Hamilton.

What about tax evaders?

law, economy, fraud court

Your front page splash highlighting benefit fraudsters misses the mark, in my view.

Penion housing sale upsets


I am appalled by the proposal of the Hamilton City Council to sell off social housing.

Parking infringements policed

It is important to note that Hamilton City Council does not issue parking tickets for $200 on Sundays.

Safety tweak on ring road

The Hamilton City Council quite rightly sings the praises of the nearly completed ring road.

Public health care top notch

	 Waikato Hospital

In May I had the misfortune to be kicked in the shin by a fellow shopper, with the result getting a massive bruised leg and foot.

Open letter to Hamilton City Council

parking ticket

On the weekend of September 19-21, 2014, we attended a fantastic live John Denver show at Founders Theatre.

Hamilton Pie-in-the-Sky idea?

sky tv

We have experienced some rugged weather of late, bringing with it much disruption to our TV reception.

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