Letter - Shooting opposed


Regarding the driven shooting application currently before the Waipa District Council, it is important to be aware of the current law against the sale of shooting rights. Section 23 of the Wildlife Act states that the sale of shooting rights is prohibited and, subsection 2, no person shall sell or let for fee or reward any right to hunt or kill game on any land or any water on any adjoining land.

To get around this inconvenience, one simply pays an exorbitant fee for lunch and thus earns the privilege of shooting the birds raised on the property exclusively for this purpose.

Guns will be firing for up to 18 days during the time the birds of Sanatorium Hill fly to Hamilton to feed during the winter.

Many of our members are close neighbours to the property and their way of life and their animals will be adversely affected by this activity. Runners, walkers, family picnickers all will be disturbed by the sound of gunshots rolling up the hill on a still day.

I commend your previous correspondents for their observations on the consequences of this application being granted.

On behalf of the Friends of Sanatorium Hill and Tui 2000, we protest against the unsuitability of this business being given the green light.



Friends of Sanatorium Hill

Waikato Times