Letter - Multicultural angst

The trial in Norway of Anders Brevik has raised again the issue of multiculturalism in Europe, and eventually here.

The leaders of Germany, France, and Britain, have all said "multiculturalism has proved an absolute failure".

Under multiculturalism, Europeans welcomed Islam into Europe as just another religion. They now admit that was a mistake, and realise, too late, that Islam is not just another religion, but a political invader designed by its founder for world domination.

The past president of Algeria said, "Muslims go to Europe not as friends but to conquer it". If Muslims do not seek to conquer when they immigrate, they are not good Muslims (Koran 9.42).

The Koran teaches Muslims to "threaten mankind at large" (34.27) and to "strike terror" (8.62). As a result there are now large areas of Europe where non-Muslims fear to tread.

Inevitably all Europe will be under sharia law and non-Muslims will become second-class citizens – Google "dhimmis".

British PM David Cameron said: "Weak liberalism has left Westerners scared of defending our core values, for fear of offending someone".

Multiculturalism is admirable when it enriches a society, but not when it includes a culture taught that it is superior (Koran 3.106) and therefore must rule.



Waikato Times