Letter - Scrub this rubbish

20:25, May 02 2012

In response to the floodgate article in Saturday's paper.

How convenient of council staff to pull this project out of the hat just as the recession bites and the political wing calls for savings and job cuts.

Letters to 28,000 property owners, the associated open days and public consultation followed by years of modelling, plotting, planning, maps and data to control what you can do with your own property should fill some of the void left after the budget cuts to the 10-year plan and the downturn in business resulting from the recession.

And what you see today is just a trickle.

Behind the scenes there is a whole raft of facts and figures dreamt up by climatologists about storms and rain events that haven't happened yet.

This is climate change and the tip of the industry that is developing around it, sucking government and local bodies in to instigate these changes and legislation to save you and your properties from theoretical pending disasters.


What we don't get to debate is the theoretical rain events which will cause these disasters.

We just jump on the bandwagon and plan for the worst, instigate another layer of experts and rules and up the rates again to pay for this.

I challenge Mayor Julie to walk down the hall and scrub this rubbish.

Put a stop to this consultation now and instruct staff to get on with the district plan so we can move forward as a city without these complicated and concerning distractions.



Waikato Times