Letter - Fight greedy fish-farmers

23:13, May 16 2012


New Zealanders should oppose King Salmon and Sanford's plans for fish-farming in the Marlborough Sounds. Sanford and other corporates have plundered sea-fish stocks, such as the shameful demise of kahawai.

I am fully opposed to Sanford's trout-farming plans. I was amazed National party president John Goodfellow, as the major shareholder in Sanford, can glibly dismiss it as having no influence on Government policy.

I am not so naive having seen the skulduggery by private companies, politicians and corporates in the 1970s when trout farming was pushed by (no surprise) a National government.

In one case, a foreign-backed corporate (Fearn International) was allowed to buy Crown land for trout farming, an illegal use, near Lake Waikaremoana. With Sanford's chief shareholder the National party president, no wonder Fisheries Minister Phil Heatley promotes trout farming.

Behind King Salmon is the Tiong family, of Malaysia, who own 51 per cent of King Salmon. The Tiong family, according to my Google search, have exploited rainforests. They are into forestry here. Late last year, the New Zealand Overseas Investment Office approved the sale and purchase of 1000 to 2000 hectares of forested land on the east coast to Tiong business. Now they are pushing fish-farming in a threatened crowded Marlborough Sounds.

Wake up, New Zealand. Behind the salmon- and trout-farm proposals are big fat cats who don't give a toss about the environment, so vital to tourism and the public's quality of life.




Waikato Times