Letter - Staying power please

22:28, May 20 2012


What a stark contrast, pun intended. Councillors cry out over anonymous critic. Reveal yourself, they say. They wish to be afforded what they have deprived us of: transparency.

Seduced by red mania, this bunch of groupies was distracted from what we elected them to do – protect our interests.

The result was disastrous. Included were secret backroom deals leading to an unacceptable increase in debt for our city.

Take a bow, Ray Stark, but remember, today's news is tomorrow's fish and chips paper.

That is what these councillors are banking on come the next election. So if you are the principled man you appear to be, you had better have some staying power, because this lot is far too proud and cannot accept we don't want them. They will cling on until the democratic process tells them otherwise. So please keep reminding us, lest we forget.

Long live democracy.




Waikato Times