Letter - White elephant

20:57, May 21 2012


It was disappointing to note that in your report of the first morning of submissions to the Hamilton City Council, it failed to mention that several submitters drew attention to the great white elephant in our midst, Waikato Rugby Stadium.

Not only does the stadium occupy a prime site within the city, but it manages to incur significant losses for the council in unpaid rent, to the tune, it has been reported, of $500,000.

It is a scandal. The site occupied by the stadium, together with Hinemoa and Willoughby parks, could be developed by private enterprise into the urban centre of the city as a mixed residential and commercial area.

If done with flair and imagination, it could become the jewel in the city's urban crown.

Garden Place is dead. There is no point in breathing further public monies into the corpse. Let private enterprise do with it as it will. And the Chiefs and Waikato Rugby Union? Let them play elsewhere within the city or without at their own expense and at another venue of their own selection.




Waikato Times