Letter - New road lanes

22:32, Jun 07 2012


The actions of Cr Dave Macpherson are laughable, given he is lambasting council staff to get his way on new road lanes being dedicated for buses and car pooling in Wairere Dr in northern Hamilton.

First, he needs to stand on the Totara Dr flyover and count the number of buses that actually travel that route during the morning and evening peak flows.

Second, to have dedicated lanes in Wairere Dr for buses requires feeder routes from suburban start points to inner-city end points. A year-11 student would tell him that is impossible.

It is bad enough now to get from Te Rapa Straight to the western end of Sandwich Rd via Pukete Rd, without big-noting adding to the problem.

Third, have the bus companies been engaged in determining such a concept? After all, they own the buses and make the schedules.


Finally, the location is not even in his ward, therefore I doubt he travels the route on a daily basis during peak traffic volume times to experience the frustrating delays.

This is yet another example of what we suffering ratepayers have to put up with from our elected representatives.



Waikato Times