Letter - Generous offer good for city

19:53, Jun 21 2012


In response to the letter from John Brooks titled "The cost of 'I wants"' dated June 12:

In the Hamilton City Council Long Term Plan, there was an allocated $12.5 million in its budget (which included the possible YMCA sale) for the feasibility-tested, nine-court, $21m Indoor Recreation Centre. It was then decided by the council that Rotokauri Campus was the preferred location for it.

Once Claudelands Event Centre became no longer viable when the focus changed to event only, the council saw the need for a facility dedicated to "community" usage for sport and recreation. The current council has voted against phase one – a three-court option.

Wintec was a very generous partner who kindly committed the land for free plus an additional new $2m for phase one and $6m build. This would have created an initial alternative option, allowing time for phase-two expansion when the economy improved.

Wintec is a partner alongside other local sporting organisations. These groups correctly formed the Hamilton Indoor Community Recreation Trust on the advice from the council. The trust provided excellent leadership, creating phase one with the intent of future proofing for the current and future Hamilton residents.


Sport Waikato CEO


Waikato Times