Letter - Cuts too deep

19:50, Jul 03 2012


I believe that I have discovered the secret agenda of the Key Government, which for its own sinister purposes is systematically "dumbing down" the New Zealand electorate. (Heaven knows, it was dumb enough already or we wouldn't have been inflicted with the current Government).

In its first term the Government removed the subsidy from adult education. Goodbye evening classes, unless one can afford the doubled cost.

Next followed National Standards for primary schools, which could potentially narrow the curriculum, thus making less well-informed students.

Tertiary students are also being targeted; soon only the very wealthy or those rash enough to take on a huge debt will be able to attend universities or work for post-graduate qualifications. I would like to point out that those MPs of a "certain age" who have tertiary qualifications will have got them courtesy of the taxpayer. (Pull up the ladder, Jack, I'm all right!)

The demise of TV7 is the final nail in the coffin.


Those dependent on national TV will be doomed to endless cooking shows, complete with self-satisfied judges and documentaries about a disgusting family of fat people.

Thank God, for the libraries. Oh dear ... they may be the next thing under the hammer.



Waikato Times