Letter - The domino effect

19:44, Jul 10 2012


I think dominoes will save New Zealand. Bear with me.

I've heard the Government wants to spend $7 million to move the Treaty of Waitangi a few hundred metres down the road.

Tell Johnny Boy I'll do it for $6m. I'll pick the Treaty up from the archives, get a bite for lunch, and drop it off in the National Library's mailbox.

The security of a purely symbolic object is of little importance, but I'll take Jaime Ridge in case.

Anyway, with this $6m, I'll get 12 million 50-cent coins, which will amount to a 30-kilometre train of coin dominoes. Now, the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland is only 27km round, and they think they've found a new "God particle".


When I build my bigger, 30km Large Money Collider around the Beehive, I'm expecting even more amazing things.

On one side, I'll start a domino train of coins off in each direction, so that they'll meet with an expensive and almighty bang on the other side.

My prediction is that I, too, will discover something new: the predicted but yet-to-be-seen 2014 Budget surplus.



Waikato Times