Letter - Immigration debate


On Sean Plunket's talkback radio show on June 17, he slagged off Winston Peters about his speech on immigration, saying it was racist.

Here is what Winston said from his speech on that subject.

"New Zealand has the most generous superannuation scheme in the world for recently arrived immigrants.

An immigrant can arrive here at the age of 55, pay no direct tax for 10 years, and receive full New Zealand super at age 65.

A young couple from China, where there is a limit on family size, can bring in four elderly parents who don't have to work in the 10 years before they turn 65, yet they will all receive full New Zealand super.

They will also have access to free healthcare and all other welfare entitlements that New Zealanders work hard for all their lives.

Don't expect the other political parties, whose policies are so barren they include mass immigration, to do anything about this.

New Zealand First is looking very closely at this situation.

We believe the welfare of New Zealanders comes first."

I say to all New Zealanders, what is racist about this statement?


NZ First


Waikato Times