Letter - Small world indeed

19:45, Jul 16 2012


The World Digest (Section D) of your July 14 edition reports 10 items of “world” news; five are stories about the US, three about Britain and two others relate to Syria and India. Eight out of ten about the US or Britain. Balanced world news? I think not.

During the 1980s I spent some time in the US and was struck by the insular reporting in the media (newspapers, radio and TV); almost everything reported was about the US, with the odd item about Canada and Mexico, countries on the border. Next to nothing reported about events in Europe, Asia and beyond. “If it didn't happen in America, it didn't happen” seemed to be the editorial mantra. This myopic view of the world has repercussions among the US populace as a whole, not least being difficulty in empathising with issues and problems beyond the US border, unless they directly affect the US itself.

Your World Digest gives the impression that here in New Zealand we regard events in America and Britain as being of greater importance and significance than those elsewhere. If there is to be a bias in your coverage, one towards the Asia-Pacific region, which is where New Zealand's prime social, political, economic and cultural interests lie, would be more appropriate.




Waikato Times