Letter - Missing rubbish bin

19:33, Jul 17 2012

Can anyone at the Hamilton City Council tell me where the rubbish bin for Pukete Farm Park has gone? Given that this is a leash-free dog-exercise area, one would expect a rubbish bin at one of the entrances at least. There used to be a rubbish bin in the middle of the park. That is gone. Who thought that no bin there was a good idea?

I am sure the residents living around the park will be getting upset soon at the growing mound of plastic bags full of dog faeces that will surely end up littering the park, not to mention the rubbish there already.

I have checked on the council website, and, yes, Pukete Farm Park is still classed as a leash-free exercise area, so a bin at the entranceway in Church Rd at least should be standard so that we dog owners can obey the law.




Waikato Times