Letter - People busk to buy medicine

It's 8 o'clock and it's raining. Out in the rain stand a man and three kids busking. Seen them there before; figured it was pin money; so I stopped to give a few coins. The man's nod seems subdued, the kids appear tired, but they soldier on with their singing. Dropping the coins into the guitar case, I notice a sign stating the money was for someone's cancer medicine. No wonder the man wasn't breaking out high fives.

He may have been thinking back to a time when New Zealand was a land of plenty, society looked after their own, and the medicine was there. He probably isn't aware though that the country is on the bones of its backside, because some clowns overdid the tax cuts, meaning people who need essential medicines now have to sing for it. And they reckon this is changing New Zealand for the better.



Waikato Times