Letter - Cruel irony

19:56, Jul 25 2012

The plundering of ratepayers' hard-earned money continues at Waikato Regional Council. As one of the 62 per cent objecting ratepayers to WRC'S funding of the elitist cycle velodrome, I am extremely angry to learn this belligerent council devoted no less than $112,085 worth of staff time assisting the home of cycling with its submission.

We are told this equates to 1227 hours of staff time or a staggering $91.35 per hour and to note "this is not additional cost as this is from existing budgeted staff". How can we take seriously this council's claim they need 50 more staff?

It is a cruel irony that the resource we pay for was used against us. In effect, ratepayers have paid twice for something the majority did not want. What core business was sacrificed due to prioritising staff resource on the velodrome submission?

An additional $281,000 was spent on the submission process and consultants, with a total spend of $400,000, over and above the $6m grant. As a ratepayer I want to know why this submission got so much assistance?

Remember these WRC councillors who heard our protests, yet chose to ignore us. They are, Crs Buckley, Friar, Barker, Livingstone, Southgate, Legg, Kneebone and Burdett.




Waikato Times