Letter - Hug instead of road rage

20:10, Jul 31 2012


The Crosby Rd roundabout end of Wairere Dr southern extension is about ready to be opened.

An incident last week left me with the warm fuzzies. At the risk of getting myself into further trouble I will recount the episode.

I was pulling out of Herbert Rd into Comries Rd and I did not notice a vehicle almost directly in front of me. Hmmm, you might say. Let's hope that never happens again as I am sure my heart rate passed through the speed of sound.

Both vehicles took smart evasive action (especially for a cold misty morning). I put my hand out of the driver's window and waved apologetically. The driver in front pulled over.

At this point most people would be fearful of what might come next. However, I had an unexplained calmness which made me pull over behind. I think relief was the principal emotion.


We both got out of our cars - a mistake you might think again? Contemporaneous with guilty apologies on my behalf, both drivers approached each other with hands outstretched. And what came next is why I write.

A total stranger, who having almost just been driven off the road and somewhat shaken, offers a warm hug which is graciously accepted. Both drivers return to their cars and head to where they were destined to be. From a potentially disastrous set of circumstances comes an interaction between two human beings which I will not forget. Thanks to that good human. I hope good karma comes your way.



Waikato Times