Letter - Values' biblical origins

20:51, Aug 01 2012


Bible lessons in schools support the values that all schools teach. Values like truthfulness, honesty, courtesy, forgiveness, respect, unselfishness and abiding the law all have origins in the Bible.

Putting these in the trash can is advocated by the Rev Clay Nelson - shows up his ignorance and arrogance. Ask the children who receive the lessons; they love them, I know. I've been a Bible in schools teacher for years. We are vetted by the police and are qualified to teach. We actually need more teachers so more children have the opportunity to learn foundation/principles and values that enhance living in an orderly society. Lawlessness, mass war crimes and ethnic cleansing are committed by governments that have put their God-given values in the trash can. Supporting God-given values is supporting Bible in schools teaching.




Waikato Times