Letter - Prosperity in diversity

20:07, Aug 14 2012


The first thing John Key should support to increase the wealth of New Zealanders is to pass gay marriage as quickly as he can pick up a pen.

It is widely known that the prosperity of a society is most closely correlated with its social diversity and the greatest measure of that is the presence of gay and queer people. A gender-diverse society accepts success and failure, it fosters creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship and originality.

As the renowned economist Richard Florida of Carnegie Mellon University states in the document Technology and Tolerance: The importance of diversity to high technology growth, “the leading indicator of success is a large gay population”.

Past cultures regarded the twin-spirit as a gift of immense value to be born into a tribe. Let us reclaim that power to the heart of New Zealand's culture and stride forward into a rich future.




Waikato Times