Letter - Ratepayers' role and 'velodrome'

20:09, Aug 15 2012


The Avanti "velodrome" is critical to achieving cycling medals, according to Bike NZ director Mark Elliott (Waikato Times, August 11).

However, on TV One on Sunday evening Mark Elliott acknowledged money for high performance sport is cut-throat and the CEO of Sport NZ said there will be less money and extreme competition to get funding.

That funding is predicated on medal performance which, unfortunately, was not up to expectations. So with limited motivating role models, fewer people will join the sport and with sports funders' hard-nosed attitude, less funding may be on the cards. So is it the ratepayers' role to share that risk? Do councils have the right to commit your rates money to elite sport?

The purpose of the (RMA) Resource Management Act is to promote sustainable management of natural and physical resources; some would go as far as saying Waikato Regional Council should focus on environmental issues only.

It's not our job to pick winners. It's our view that in constrained times the Waikato Regional Council should stick to its knitting and not drop a stitch.


Waikato regional councillors and Rates Control team members


Waikato Times