Letter - Focus on real issues

Religion proselytising has been cause for much conflict and war from the dawn of history.

All beliefs are the result of socialisation by indoctrination, education or some life experience. Advances in social wellbeing and acceptance by the human species generally has mainly been a struggle to bypass religious dogma of groups along the way. Slavery, largely abolished in Rome by 400AD was needed by Constantine in his reign and it was sanctioned by Christianity until abolished about mid 20th century. And there are ongoing issues relating to belief systems and secular education.

A flat Earth, Earth-centred solar system, the devil, hell, evil spirits, witches, and the gay lesbian issues to mention just a few! And people condemned Bruno, Galileo, Joan of Ark, Pasteur, Mendel, Darwin, Huxley etc. People who aided in advancing scientific knowledge, all hampered or condemned and many executed.

All through religious intolerance. Many scientists are sincere religious believers. But they are tolerant and do not allow personal beliefs to influence the sciences they are pursuing. A containership load of dignity, tolerance and respect for difference would help humanity and remove matters like gay lesbian marriage for the non issue that it should be and allow us to focus on real issues like starvation and managing over exploitation of resources etc.