Letter - Lyn Williams responds:

22:12, Sep 06 2012

Are the relations of the subjects of the Dead Tell Tales comfortable? I have had no feedback that suggests otherwise - quite the opposite in several cases; the relations have been delighted. In five recent articles most of the information has been supplied by family members. Where I can, I send the draft to a family member for approval, but I do not always know who to contact. All the information is sourced from published articles, biographies and databases.

As for Selkirk v Anglesea - thank you for that correction. It seems I am not the only one in error - there is conflicting evidence on maps of different dates. Further research shows it was called Anglesea St through to Ward St even before the hill cutting was made (there was a track over the hill). In 1926 Selkirk St extended southeast to Bryce St, but did not connect with Anglesea, which started at Ward; however, a 1910 map shows Selkirk St extending to Garden Place. More research may clarify the issue.

Vote for common sense I am proud to live in a country where politicians have a high degree of common sense. The majority of them voted on Thursday evening to keep the drinking age at 18. It would have been wrong to penalise young adults by refusing them the right to enter a bar or buy liquor. I am old enough to have grandchildren who are over 18. They are a darn sight more responsible about how they drink than I was back in the 1950s and 60s. Thank goodness they can continue to drink without feeling like criminals.