Letter - Council spend has failed ratepayers

20:33, Sep 09 2012

Michael Cox re: Rates Protest in Te Awamutu.

Michael, fancy trying to discredit ordinary people from your home town and completely misinterpreting the facts.

I am the person you accused of waving a petition under your nose and being ignorant. I recollect you asked “what essential service would you cut in order to lower rates?”Before I could answer you stalked off.

Guess what?

We are in a recession, people are having to tighten their belts, so too should the council.

Instead we see out of control spending!


1. Contributing a $1 million towards a velodrome. (The majority of people voted no!)

2. A delegation to a Queenstown conference took their wives. (On ratepayers' money!)

3. Council has spent $2m on the Cambridge pool. We haven't even got a hole in the ground yet. (Consultants fees!)

Excessive rates in a recession, our council is out of touch with “real people”.

We understand the biggest portion of the rate increases is the result of the revaluation of property.

Why does our council add insult to injury by cancelling the 5 per cent discount (for prompt payment) then putting $76 extra on Te Awamutu ratepayers to pay for the events centre and museum.

All in one year and in a recession!

I'm an ignorant gargoyle but I can see our council has been idiotic. Us gargoyles have been unhappy with rate increases in recent years. This is the final straw.

Michael, I know these gargoyles threw you out of council in 2010 and you want retribution, but get over it. Come to our next protest, get the facts correct and these evil spirits will forgive you.


Te Awamutu

Waikato Times