Letter - Wilson's many hats

As a ratepayer I am concerned that history may be about to repeat itself.

Cr Wilson said he won't stand for the mayoralty again but will stand for council. Given his new career path, should he be re-standing at all?

Is being a Hamilton City councillor a full or part-time role for Cr Wilson? If, according to the Waikato Times on September 28, "Wilson returns to aviation business", how much focus is really being given to council?

His election to both HCC and to the DHB board has impacted on his HCC participation. During his previous elected term, his aviation focus saw him working in Norfolk Island and AWOL from council duties for several months on full remuneration.

He gave assurances to voters during the 2010 election campaign this would not happen again.

Those ratepayers who took him at his word must now be disappointed to read Cr Wilson, subsequently wearing many hats, plans to wear yet another. With so many distractions, his focus will be far from 100 per cent for his electorate. While appreciating Cr Wilson's entrepreneurial drive, his priorities need to be questioned, given his $70,000-plus remuneration.



Waikato Times