Letter - Short prison term an insult


It was horrifying to read that William Curtis is released from prison having served only a four-year sentence for unspeakable cruelties on little Nia Glassie, his granddaughter.

Just how bad does abuse have to be on our children before the Courts of Justice hand down adequate sentences which recognise the degree of pain, fear, anguish and torment these monsters have inflicted on their innocent victims?

William Curtis has much to answer for.

His role as a father and grandfather demonstrates clearly what happens when a dysfunctional person such as Curtis is permitted to be given the role of parenthood.

He used his sadistic nature with his own children who in turn inflicted terrible cruelties on baby Nia.

A prison stretch of four years is just an added insult to the memory of a little girl who never heard or understood the meaning of the word love.


Te Kauwhata

Waikato Times