Letter - Judgment of the council's planning staff

17:47, Oct 23 2012

In the Waikato Times (October 5) Mr Brian Croad, general manager city environment Hamilton City Council, tells us: "Your readers should be confident in the professional expertise and judgment of the council's planning staff etc." Wow! What has the planning staff come up with in recent times that is confidence-inspiring? Hood St? Victoria St? Garden Pl?

He tells us the complex has more than 180 car parks which he considers to be adequate parking. He conveniently overlooks the fact that parked cars do not equal "traffic", only cars on the move are "traffic".

Assuming that each of those 180 car parks was used at the rate of only 10 times per day, that would be 1800 additional vehicles per day moving in and out of that car park.

My sums tell me that would create an additional 3600 vehicle movements per day in an already congested traffic area.

He also refers to: "a possible future upgrade of the Clyde St- Grey St intersection.

Mr Croad, decisions should not be made on " possible future upgrades" what if it never happens? Then what?




Waikato Times