Letter - Rodeo deserves zero support

22:40, Oct 25 2012

Please tell me how animal welfare, specifically the (Rodeos) Code of Welfare 2004 is going to be met at the Claudelands Rodeo event?

I see that the event press release states "Complete with full big-show production, sound, lighting and pyrotechnics this action packed event promises to be the best buck money can buy!" although the (Rodeos) Code of Welfare 2004 - Page 19 - Minimum Standard No 7 - Point d) states "Stock must not be exposed to fireworks". Would the council explain please?

I contest that the indoor event falls outside of the existing welfare code for rodeos. It was penned before the indoor concept. It does not consider the real and unusual pressure on livestock in a tin shed crammed with thousands, the screaming WWF-style commentators, lighting, a rock concert-worthy sound system and the expectation of event rather than horsemanship.

The Auckland banning of rodeo at council facilities was progressive and appropriate as citizens/ratepayers were as horrified as our own. I see zero support for the event on public comment forums, I see many who are appalled. Hamilton, you cannot afford to get this one wrong as many are watching.




Waikato Times