Letter - Waipa Council's extravagance

The Waipa District Council Mayor's recent public statement, at which Councillor Finn nodded in agreement, has provoked research. They tried to mystify ratepayers with a fairy tale.

Quote: "If council cuts back on its spending, you will lose some of the amenities you now enjoy".

The council, which has well-paid professional and trained staff, has paid millions of dollars to consultants. It is time to reduce its reliance on consultants and use them only when necessary.

Ratepayers' money buys councillors' lunches at meetings. Most other people take or buy their own.

$12,000 spent on a conference to send four council members and two partners, whose airfares and accommodations were also paid from the public purse? This is extravagant and selfish in a recession. No more than one member should have gone and only if it was to benefit Waipa.

If most councillors had listened and acted accordingly over the velodrome and Cambridge Pool, we would be over $1 million better off and savings being sought would have already been made.

All other areas of spending need to be carefully looked at to find where and how costs can be safely cut. You'll discover there's no need for us to lose any of the amenities we now enjoy and many dollars could be saved for needed water and sewerage updates.

We're in a recession and there's no quick fix, but if we look after the cents, the dollars will look after themselves.


Te Awamutu

Waikato Times