Letter - Inconsiderate producers

01:10, Oct 31 2012

I am concerned for the residents of the Hamilton urban sprawl and lifestyle blockers, as portrayed by you in your edition of October 29.

I sympathise with them when they are awakened at dawn and, at times, hours before with pig farmers, and fruit growers spraying and combating frost with helicopters and turbo fans, dairy farmers using motorbikes to bring cows in for milking and contractors cutting maize at night.

To cap the lot, the green tea exporter Zealong called in helicopters at 4am to prevent a rogue frost wiping out its harvest, as had occurred on a previous occasion.

The funds that would have accrued from the export of the tea will fail to assist us with our mounting overseas debt, but it is important that people get their sleep. Since there seems no other way of protesting and the residents are not getting any assistance from the authorities in the city, my only thought for these poor unhappy people, for a protest, is that they stop eating. When the farmers and croppers have realised their customers are making such an effort, they will see the error of their ways and not continue to make such unseemly noises in the night and early mornings. Perhaps the councils involved in allowing the breakup of prime agricultural land will explain to us why they agreed to it in the first place. This is not the only area to be used in this way.




Waikato Times