Letter - Rates cost prohibitive

We read in the Waikato Times that our land is to be re-valued. An increase of up to 12.6 per cent is mooted and this will flow through to yet another rate increase.

We are retired in our late-ish 60s and grateful for the help of a pension. Also, we saved throughout our lives to subsidise our pension and happily today one of us received our Kiwisaver contribution.

The rates we currently pay (including Waikato regional rates) are $3040 per annum. Perhaps I should simply send my Kiwisaver Funds directly to the Hamilton City Council. That will just about pay our rates for the next three years. Then we might have to look at leaving our home of 15 years and move out of Hamilton to somewhere more affordable.

It makes no sense to force people to leave their homes because the cost of rates becomes prohibitive. Surely there must be a fairer system. There must be countless others out there who are struggling to understand such huge increases on a yearly basis.



Waikato Times