Letter of the week - Fertiliser in abundance

16:59, Nov 09 2012

Michele Rhodes's enlightening letter on the conspiracy that the airlines' contrails are really cleverly disguised chemical spraying operations exposes a sinister truth: although she tactfully restrains herself from offering specific detail, it is obvious that an army of government employees, in cahoots with the airlines and their staff, is dropping fertiliser on the towns and countryside and, as she astutely surmises, it is having "an impact on our environment, soils and human health".

These impacts are far-reaching. Among other things, it is quite obviously aimed at assisting to feed the masses by fertilising our gardens. I know! I have the proof. As those conspiratorial airlines have been dropping more and more of this fertiliser on my garden, I have noticed my beans fair popping out of the ground and my tomatoes and rock melons getting bigger by the day.

I wonder if Ms Rhodes has a garden like mine and is experiencing a similar phenomenon with her melons. But benefits don't stop with a fertile garden: it is also creating extremely fertile imaginations, which underpin the work of some great writers of fiction as well as some wonderfully entertaining letters to your paper.


Te Awamutu