Letter - Get rid of libraries

17:01, Nov 09 2012

Why is it that Labour always seem to advance policy that involves spending money. Sue Moroney wants everything free at libraries. Her associate Darien Fenton wants "an economy based on knowledge and innovation".

Libraries are old technology! Get rid of them and save HCC $6 million to $7m per year in direct costs. Those in that ever increasing cohort contributing to advancing knowledge and innovation don't need to visit libraries. They have PCs, iPads, iPhones, tablets and more. Let Google introduce you to the world of knowledge. Schoolkids have school libraries and university/tech students have in-house libraries.

Public libraries are becoming the repository of deadbeats and the dispossessed.

Why should homeowners (read ratepayers) cater for them.

Libraries are no longer a needed public service. Time has moved on. Access to knowledge has changed and it now costs a fraction of what it used to.