Letter - NZ stuck in a losing streak

18:25, Nov 18 2012

New Zealand voted to have a government that would improve Kiwi lives. We unfortunately got a government with an unforeseen ideology which is destroying our economy.

The latest scandal is the contract Novopay (no pay!) for teachers, to Australian company Talent2, rejecting the efficient New Zealand company AMS, which pays complicated wages to our hospital staff, without mistakes and on time. Redundancies of thousands and wholesale cuts of public service are affecting us all. Foreign companies pay little tax and take their profits overseas while New Zealand firms have to retrench because the Government says it is better to pay overseas firms. Government departments have been instructed by their minister to give contracts to overseas firms. Why?

We now have foreign firms running our prisons, our railways workshops have gone to Australia and China. Banks' bumper profits are lost to New Zealand. Our schools planned as charter schools are run by multinationals.

Sounds xenophobic, but selling ourselves to overseas firms is not done by the wealthy countries, only by the banana republics.

Government has run down our manufacturing, but less tax for the rich is good!

Following a failing ideology, we have the highest unemployment since 1998. Workers' families in despair leave New Zealand. Did you vote for that?




Waikato Times