Letter - Waikato pair very capable

The ominous black borders on November 20's issue of the Waikato Times are quite misleading.

We are blessed with two very capable and hardworking Labour MPs in the Waikato in Nanaia Mahuta and Sue Moroney, who have distinguished themselves within their own party.

Nanaia is the Labour education spokesperson and oversaw an organisational review. Sue has women's affairs and pre-school education, and was the senior whip. Both are extremely dedicated and talented MPs. With these two, together with the two Hamilton governing party MPs, we are extremely well served in Parliament.

For the Waikato Times to imply these two women should or will be punished for disloyalty to the parliamentary leader of the Labour Party is invalid and unfair. They have not been disloyal. They don't need to be punished, but praised for showing intellectual independence and honesty. The existence of a procedure for Labour leadership challenges (there is one) and their resolution implies challenges are acceptable and valid. Thus to support a challenger, or in this case merely not to state whether support would be given at some future date, quite normal. To swear undying loyalty to a given leader, for a politician, is at best very insincere.



Waikato Times