Letter - Infuriating response

As I read the Waikato Times I am incensed by Deputy Mayor Gordon Chesterman's comments today.

Mr Chesterman alludes to having an understanding of these new rules and requirements and of knowing a large group of people who also understand them.

I can tell you Mr Chesterman was not there when submissions were heard on this matter. None of the council representatives were.

The hearing was conducted by an independent commissioner tasked with gathering the evidence and making a recommendation to the council.

I was there and as I listened to the evidence being put forward on myriad issues by the submitters, I was reminded of the time I was asked to judge the children's pet show at our local school and had to choose the winner between the budgie and goldfish.

I made a submission on the very rules causing outrage today, saying in my experience this was not what the market wants.

The council should not be dictating to home buyers what their houses should look like. We cannot afford the time or cost in administering these rules and they won't make people live out the front of their houses or in any way reduce crime.

New homeowners won't appreciate having to apply for resource consent to build a fence in their own front yard!

The commissioner was a person well versed in planning matters and capable for the task assigned.

My submission was dismissed by the consultant and the rules stand today.

I say to Mr Chesterman, having abdicated the opportunity to hear the evidence from the people, now approach this matter with some duty of care to the people who elect you to do what you do.

This is staff making rules and work for themselves.

Instead of claiming some extra sensory perception and knowing large groups of people who have a good understanding of what is happening here and giving the impression this is a good thing for the people of Hamilton, use some common sense. Walk down the hall to the mayor's office and fix it just like you all did with the floodgate. These rules are dictatorial and unnecessary.



Waikato Times