Letter - Garage rules no quick fix

Rototuna residents must strongly object to the new garaging rules being imposed by Hamilton City Council.

My Hamilton East property is an example of an old house with garaging near the rear of the property - typical of our suburb - yet we still have crime.

Having a garage at the rear of the property introduces new problems and it seems council is taking a very one-dimensional view on this issue. For us, over 100 square metres of our section is taken up by driveway (about 20 per cent of our land!).

This considerably reduces the amount of play space for our daughter and increases the chances of kids being hit on the driveway by cars. The position of the garage also impacts sunlight and reduces morning sun in to our house.

For our property it would significantly improve our standard of living if our garage was near the front of the section - and I would imagine this will also be the case for many new Rototuna sections. These landowners will be council's guinea pigs - and unfortunately for them they may find their houses are the lemons that no-one wants come time for resale. Best you object now!



Waikato Times