Letter - Price before safety on road

19:01, Dec 05 2012

In response to David Qualtrough's letter regarding the incorrect and dangerously cambered roundabouts at the north end of the new expressway at Horotui. I have been designing heavy transport trailers for New Zealand and Australia for the last 20 years and have also held a certificate in static roll threshold (SRT). Prior to construction in 2010, I raised concerns to Waikato Expressway liaison officer Brian Aspin regarding issues I thought needed addressing. One of the issues was the incorrect camber on the roundabouts; 12 months later, these were not addressed, so I wrote to the then minister of transport Steven Joyce in 2011. Mr Joyce replied, telling me that I was only one voice and passed it on to the project construction manager. The construction team were doing a terrific job and had nothing to do with setting the standards for New Zealand roads, therefore my efforts had fallen on deaf ears. I also raised concern about the cheese grater median barrier, which is not motorbike friendly and does not remove the glare from oncoming traffic.

I know the motorist has a duty of care when driving around a roundabout, but this government has the power to improve this problem and it chooses not to, putting practicality and price ahead of safety, the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff by increasing traffic control and hospital staff. If our company designs something unsafe, we are held accountable. Yet the government has no accountability for its actions.


Director, Modern Transport Engineers (2002) Ltd


Waikato Times