Letter - Family feeling on the buses

In regard to your article "Transport ‘upheaval' condemned" in the Waikato Times (Wednesday, December 12) and a letter writer's prompt reply. This person has no idea what he is talking about to say, "If you brought them into the world, don't expect me to pay." He obviously doesn't have any close family with special needs.

Special-needs children are born through no fault of the parents and are loved just as much as any other child. I am a driver with Trikiso Buses (20 years) and have been delivering special-needs children to their destinations for 32 years. I am also the mother of a special-needs daughter who was lucky enough to also have had the wonderful service of Trikiso Buses. My daughter has contributed much to society and our family are very proud of her. Her achievements are too numerous to list. I would like to see your list of achievements, letter writer.

Working for Trikiso Buses, for me, has not been a job, as I have loved every minute of it. The wonderful relationships we have with the children and their parents cannot be surpassed. Many of these children have been on our buses for years and we are very attached to them. The wonderful family who run Trikiso Buses have an exceptional record and treat all their drivers with the utmost respect. In fact, we all feel that we are part of this family. How many people can say that they love getting up in the mornings to go to work? Well, I do. What a sad ending to 2012.



Waikato Times