Mere delay of tooth decay

20:43, Feb 04 2013

 Major scientific studies show a connection between fluoride and heart disease. The recent Harvard review of IQ studies confirmed that fluoridated water reduces IQ.

However, Craig Climo (WDHB) seems to wants to downplay the risks, or even deny them outright. He uses the standard scare tactic of referring to the pain of full-tooth extraction on under-5-year-olds, under general anaesthetic, falsely claiming this is due to "fluoride deficiency". Tooth decay is not a symptom of "fluoride deficiency". Fluoride is simply not a nutrient.

Major studies show that fluoridation merely delays childhood tooth decay by about one year, with the effect disappearing in the early teens. Tooth decay has declined throughout the developed world at the same rate with or without fluoridation (WHO figures).

The South Wairarapa DHB recently released figures showing that fluoridated children were 38 per cent more likely to need an extraction for bad teeth than unfluoridated children, while the Ministry of Health figures show they had on average 24 per cent more tooth decay. Despite being fluoridated, it is now reported that Hamilton has a growing problem with children's oral health. (ABRIDGED)