God-given water rights

20:43, Feb 04 2013

I'd like to add to the numerous letters re the fictitious "water shortage" in Hamilton.

Over the past few years, we have surreptitiously been primed to accept the privatisation or worse a private-public partnership for the delivery of water and wastewater.

It goes like this:

First, we are constantly told by council planners and politicians that water is precious and in short supply (Agenda 21). Clearly nonsense when the Waikato River is spewing billions of gallons into the Pacific ocean as I write.

Second, it is not "fair" that some people use more water than others and therefore we will need water meters installed in every home.

Third, the council cannot afford the capital cost of meters, so will form a public/private partnership) with a foreign water "provider". This means a private company gets the use of our publicly funded utilities and reaps the profits. No accident that ACT had the existing law amended to allow councils to lease out our utilities for 35 years.

Aucklanders are paying upward of $1500 a year for water, with the cost of waste water doubling recently. This is, of course, on top of rates.

Wake up, Hamilton. Tell your council and planners you will never pay for the god-given right to water. This is what you are being set up for.