Fluoride opposition

20:43, Feb 04 2013

In his silly and distorted attempt to ridicule opponents of fluoride in Hamilton's water supply (Monday, January 28) Joshua Drummond is less than discerning on the dangers of fluoridation. Given a further five hours on the net, he might have discovered much more reliable and less sensational information than he foolishly reported.

He might have stumbled across Fluoride, the quarterly journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research, the bibliography of scientific literature on fluoride at slweb.org, the fluoride policy statement of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, The York Review, the classic 2006 report of the US National Research Council Fluoride in drinking water, or the expert writings on the bodily effects of fluoride (not just on teeth) of Colquhoun, Limeback, Theissen, Sauerheber, Connett, Carlsson, Osmunson, Spittle and many others.

Drummond should also have discovered the fatal flaw in the contract that the Ministry of Health has for a national fluoride information service which provides partial "scientific" information to its DHBs.

Given the nature of his ludicrous opinion piece I suspect a misprint in the postscript giving his writing credentials and that his stated website should have read fruitcakeburger.com.