PM says one thing while doing another

00:26, Feb 07 2013

Prime Minister John Key's opening speech to Parliament was certainly loaded with generalities, lacking in specifics and peppered with the occasional irony.

Mr Key said that his Government's return to a budgetary surplus will somehow lift savings levels.

Hold on - isn't this the same John Key who led the charge to reduce government support for Kiwi workers investing in KiwiSaver? And isn't this the same John Key who pulled the reins on the ongoing investment into the New Zealand Superannuation Fund?

So is this Mr Key saying one thing but doing another?

Asset sales - if you want to see a short-term approach, this has got to be the one. Sell off your assets, use the funds to live on, and hope for a better tomorrow. A lack of vision - and, with most Kiwis opposing such a move, ironic? Or just ideologically driven arrogance?

Mr Key points to a convention centre in Auckland, the Hobbit movies and more free trade deals as our economic cure-alls, ignoring the unwholesome facts that there is no major support for research and development and a reduced level of support for tertiary students, and that manufacturing has been all but written off by this banker and his chums.