Barking mad if we let ACT in again

19:20, Feb 07 2013

From next year, Waitangi Day should become New Zealand Day.

As the former deputy chairman of the Hamilton City Council's dog control committee, I can say with confidence that R Sweeny has misunderstood my comments about "every man and his dog", standing in the forthcoming elections.

My point is that whenever there is a big number of voluntary vacancies on the council, as is happening this year, larger than normal numbers of people and, possibly, some dogs stand, thinking they have a better chance of winning a "vacant" seat.

I do, however, apologise to my canine friends for using them to make a pithy point.

My point is that, having a Right-wing team, led by former ACT president Garry Mallett and backroom multimillionaire Ray Stark, would be an extra challenge in the election campaign that I'd find hard to resist.

Fifteen years ago, both led another council campaign that got an ACT team onto the council for a short three years, and delivered the chaotic current District Plan, before scarpering, letting others clean up the mess.

What will it be this time, Garry and Ray? Water-metering, like you wanted last time; the sale of our parks you demanded 13 years ago; or tolls on our bridges and a raft of other discredited ACT-type policies?